We believe that a child is naturally curious and loves learning.
At The Alternative Story we hope to create an environment that curiosity is kindled and a child will come to class loving to learn

Teaching Strategies

    Engaging the Hearts

The key strength of TAS is in the intangibles. We engage the hearts of children and bring them on a journey of learning.

    Igniting Curiosity

Every child's primary question is 'WHY?' Our goal is to kindle this curiosity - to develop in them a love for learning that will follow them through their lives.

    Imparting Principles

We teach by principles and not by "what sounds right". We make learning digestible for students by breaking down the concepts into principles.

    Being Relevant to the New Syllabus

With the changes in the new school curriculum, TAS continues to be relevant to the new PSLE examination by adopting new teaching methodologies.

    Teaching Beyond the Box

In TAS, we go beyond being confined to a 'boxed-in' mindset - students think out of the box... and be as creative as they can be!

    Working Hand in Hand with Parents

Parents play a pivotal role in the development of a child's life. TAS believes in providing support to the parents to accelerate the development of your child.

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