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The Alternative Story (T.A.S.) is a tuition centre that specialises in English for Primary and Secondary School students.

Our programmes include: Regular English Classes, Creative Writing Classes and Holiday Programmes.

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Who We Are

Our story began in 2008 in a shophouse with a small team.

We have since grown to 5 branches with over 30 teachers.

To date, more than 15,000 students have made us part of their learning journey!

Our Philosophy

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Imparting Principles

We make concepts digestible and teach techniques that can be applied in different scenarios. Rather than just answering with “what sounds right”, we want students to learn the principles and nuances of the language.

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Imagining Possibilities

Every child has the potential to be creative even if writing does not come naturally to them! Our role is to feed their imagination, fuel their desire to narrate their stories and facilitate their learning to help them produce their masterpieces.

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Initiating Progress

The challenges of learning are ever changing. Our team continuously evaluates and adapts our syllabus to suit the needs of students. We always keep our ears to the ground to ensure our students are well-equipped.

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Inviting Partnership

We believe in working hand-in-hand with parents to accelerate the development of their children. Our teachers provide an open communication line to put parents on the same page throughout their time with us.

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