Is it possible to predict the PSLE Composition topic?

Is it possible to predict the PSLE Composition for topic for this year? In short, the answer is now… No

The PSLE syllabus for EL was changed earlier in 2015. What do we know about the PSLE Composition topics so far? 2015’s question was ‘A Considerate Act’, and 2016’s was ‘A Secret’ — they couldn’t be more different! 

It’s hard to see a trend between the upcoming topics, and to “predict” a topic and just prepare for that, would put a student at a disadvantage. In fact, the new syllabus prevents students from spotting topics. 

Rather than play a guessing game, students need to be well-versed in writing for different scenarios — they need to have a all grounds covered. 

In order to help prepare our students, we launched our P6 Survival Kit in 2015. The Survival Kit consists of more than 40 compositions, covering a wide range of topics and scenarios. 

Taken individually, these compositions can be replicated in examinations. However, the true value of having a large myriad of compositions is learning how to apply them to any given scenario. 

It may not be possible to accurately predict or spot the PSLE topic for this year, but we can prepare them to tackle it confidently. 

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