Creative Writing Volume 4 composition applied to 2017 PSLE Paper 1


Stephen King, one of the best-selling authors once said:

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

To write well, we need to have good ideas to start our stories. In The Alternative Story, we encourage our students to read more and explore more ideas for their stories. One way to do this is through reading the stories in our very own Creative Writing series.

Comprising a wide range of topics over five books (Creative Writing Volume 1-4, & Creative Writing Junior), these books have helped prepare students with more ideas for their composition writing.

The composition topic in this year’s PSLE English Paper was:

Question: Write about a special gift.

(Pictures: Holding a mug printed with “Best Friends Forever”; Football jersey; Boy holding a present)

Interestingly, in our latest Creative Writing Book - Volume 4, we have a composition which can be adapted to answer this question:

Question: Write about receiving an unexpected gift.

(Pictures: Teacher; Boy studying hard; Certificate)


Summary of story

The story is a first-person account of how a boy was very upset that the strictest teacher in school, Mrs See, had started teaching his class. He was very unmotivated to study because of this. However, she eventually won him over by calling him into the Staff Room to share with him the principle of hard work. That was a turning point in his attitude towards his studies. He started working hard and eventually clinched the “Most Improved Student” award. That year, Mrs See gave him an unexpected gift - the will to work hard and a love for hard work. That gift forever changed his life.


How it can be adapted

  • Mrs See invited you into the Staff Room to share about the importance of hard work. After that, she gave you football jersey to encourage you to work hard because she knew that you love to play football.
  • She shared with you that even in football, you will need to work hard to succeed.
  • However, a person who knows the value of hard work will not just work hard in areas that he likes, but also work hard in areas that are mundane and areas that might be difficult.
  • She then challenged you to learn how to work hard and give your best in your studies. That meeting gave you a new perspective to studying.
  • Every time you felt lazy to study, this jersey would remind you of Mrs See’s words and give you motivation to work hard.
  • At the end of the year, you clinched the “Most Improved Student” award.
  • In the end, you learn the value of hard work and this gift was special to you because it changed your life.

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