How can we nail Comprehension Cloze - The Alternative Story

How Can We Nail Comprehension Cloze?

The most frustrating thing about Comprehension Cloze is this – your answer can fit the blank but still be wrong. It’s not just about accuracy but precision.
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Understand the WHY behind learning English - The Alternative Story

Why Must We Study English?

Studying English is not just for getting good grades – it’s so that we can become better communicators. Help children find the purpose and pattern to what they are doing.
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Tricky Spelling - The Alternative Story

Tricky Spelling Questions: Part #1

Spelling is crucial to our written work. However, it seems impossible to peg a formula to it and replicate any success unless we - *shudders* - mEmOrIsE.
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Tricky Vocab Part 1 - The Alternative Story

Tricky Vocabulary Questions: Part #1

The trickiest part about vocabulary questions is this – sometimes, all 4 options could look correct. How do we determine the right answer?
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Tricky Grammar Questions 1 - The Alternative Story

Tricky Grammar Questions: Part #1

Sometimes, we look at certain questions on Singular/Plural rules and think – wait a minute, why is my answer wrong? 🤔🤔🤔
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