May/June Holiday Programme 2024

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Give Your Child an Extra Boost in Learning this May/June Holiday with the T.A.S. Holiday Programme!

(Snack bars will be provided for all classes!)

Exclusive Discounts 

Sign up for two programmes: 10% off overall course fees

Sign up for three programmes and above: 15% off overall course fees

Early bird discount: 5% (register by May 5, 2024, 23:59)

P3 - 5 Creative Writing + Oral

p3 - p5 Paper 2 Intensive

Join our Creative Writing and Oral Class!

Our teachers will guide students through various writing exercises to help them develop their writing skills. Through brainstorming sessions, students will learn how to generate creative ideas and explore different writing styles. Our teachers will also provide valuable feedback on how to improve their writing techniques, grammar, and sentence structures.

In addition, our class is designed to help students expand their vocabulary and improve their use of descriptive language. With these tools, students will be equipped to write full-length compositions and express their ideas clearly and effectively.

The P3-5 classes will also include oral techniques and practices to equip your child with the right skills to tackle the new PSLE oral syllabus.

*There will be approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes dedicated to creative writing and 45 minutes to oral practice (per day).

P6 Creative Writing

P6 Creative Writing

Enhance your child's writing skills and prepare them for the PSLE with our Creative Writing Class!

Note: P6 Creative Writing class does not include oral segments.

Paper 2 Intensive Class (P5 & P6)

Paper 2 Intensive (2)

Excel in the most challenging Paper 2 components with confidence through our Paper 2 Intensive Programme!

Students will learn tips on tackling tricky questions. Students will be taught techniques to master key components such as:

Grammar, Synthesis, Vocabulary, Editing, Visual Text, Comprehension Cloze, Comprehension Open-Ended (includes targeted technique-based and full-length exercises).

P6 Oral

P6 Oral Hp 02

Prepare your child for PSLE Oral with our Oral Programme! Developed by one of our teachers, a former voice actor with experience in private projects, our programme enables students to refine their speaking abilities through reading and class discussions.

Our small class size ensures that our teachers can provide immediate, on-the-spot feedback. To maximise the benefits of the programme, we highly recommend that students actively participate in class activities and engage in discussions. This allows our teacher to accurately evaluate your child's progress.