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Entrust your child's learning journey to The Alternative Story, a seasoned English tuition centre in Singapore with a decade-long track record. Our online Primary and Secondary School English tuition classes, handled by dedicated educators, use innovative teaching techniques and a rigorous curriculum to ensure each child's comprehensive English skill development, nurturing both academic achievement and a genuine love for learning.

Online English Tuition Classes Offered at The Alternative Story

Level Class Coverage Per Lesson (Prices are before GST)
*Valid for lessons in 2023*
Primary 1 to 2 Regular
  • Grammar and Sentence Construction
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Text
  • Editing
  • Comprehension Open-Ended
  • Composition Writing
  • Oral
Primary 3 to 4 Regular
  • Grammar and Synthesis
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Text
  • Editing
  • Comprehension Cloze
  • Comprehension Open-Ended
Creative Writing

Composition Writing


Primary 5 to 6 Regular
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Visual Text
  • Editing
  • Comprehension Cloze
  • Synthesis
  • Comprehension Open-Ended
Creative Writing
  • Situational Writing
  • Composition Writing
  • Oral
Secondary 1 to 4 Regular
  • Situational Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Editing
  • Comprehension
  • Summary
  • Visual Text
  • Oral

Benefits of Our Online English Tuition

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, The Alternative Story offers a dynamic and effective solution for both Primary and Secondary students to excel in their studies. As one of the leading English tuition centres in Singapore, we leverage technology to deliver high-quality, interactive, and engaging lessons, right in the comfort of your home. Our online English programme is designed to cater to the diverse learning styles of students, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

Read on to learn more about why enrolling in our English tuition centre can help your child unlock their full potential, sharpen their language skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

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Access to Quality Materials

When your child is enrolled in our online English tuition, we produce all teaching materials in-house, ensuring they are up-to-date, engaging, and tailored to the primary and secondary English syllabus. These high-quality learning resources will also be delivered to your doorstep, providing them with an enriching educational experience, even in the comfort of their homes.

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Virtual Learning Made Simple

Experience the convenience of attending classes from the comfort of your home while also enjoying the benefits of easy homework submission through WhatsApp.

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Holistic Learning Approach

Our tuition centre offers a holistic approach for regular online English classes and Creative Writing for primary school and secondary school that not only strengthens language proficiency but also fosters a love for learning. Our unique teaching methods, including the use of TikTok-styled videos and our proprietary 4-stage composition writing framework, keep students engaged and stimulate their creativity.


Corrine, Primary 6

Nanyang Girls’ High School

Grade: AL1

“TAS helped me in both my composition writing skills and my Paper 2. Teacher Joanne has definitely helped me in improving my English! The teachers conduct the lessons in a way that is fun, interesting and interactive. It also helps me understand the lesson better. Thank you, TAS and Teacher Joanne, for helping me and teaching me amazing answering techniques that helped me achieve AL1 in PSLE English!”

Javier, Primary 6

Raffles Institution

Grade: AL2

“I started my lesson at The Alternative Story (TAS) at the start of P5, my teacher was Teacher Joyce. She was very good at what she does and taught me creative writing very well online via Zoom and I learned a lot from her. At the end of P5, my compo test was the highest in class with 37/40. In P6 I changed to regular class at TAS also with Teacher Joyce. At the end of P6, I attained AL2 for both prelim and PSLE. What I enjoyed at TAS was very interactive and fun learning, and I enjoy it very much. I am now studying in RI and have been very grateful for the TAS tuition centre and my teacher. :D”

Our Online English Tuition Tutor

87% of our teachers have more than 5 of teaching experience while 1 in 3 of our teachers have more than 10 years of teaching experience at The Alternative Story.

What To Expect in Our Online Primary and Secondary English Tuition

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

  • Class sizes are generally capped at a maximum of 12 students to ensure an optimal learning environment and personalised attention. However, exceptions can be made in certain situations.
  • New lower Primary School classes are initially limited to 8 students for the first few terms so our teachers are able to cater to their individual’s needs.
  • Direct communication via  Whatsapp line with the child’s teacher are available to parents

Additional Support

  • We provide a range of supplementary in-house learning materials to enhance their skills for the assessments ahead.
  • We offer personalised guidance to every student, allowing them to grasp the topics more effectively and learn at their own pace organically.
  • Parents are provided with detailed answer booklets, offering comprehensive insights into areas where their children can further improve.

Duration and Frequency of Classes

Our online Primary English tuition classes and online Secondary English tuition are designed for a duration of 2 hours each, providing ample time for comprehensive learning. We also offer a diverse range of class slots to suit different schedules and preferences. 

You can explore the available class timings in our detailed class schedule to find the best fit for your child's routine.

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"The Alternative Story, an enrichment centre teaching English and writing skills, found that even though some parents doubted the quality of online tutoring at first, almost all of its students have remained with the centre."

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"Lessons are also chock-full of captivating media resources, educational videos and pop quizzes to create an environment where learning comes alive for every student."

How to Enrol in Our English Tuition Classes

Contact Us 

Do you want to learn more about the available English classes and time slots? Speak to our customer service specialist to get the information you need.

Join Our Classes

Fill in our class interest form to express your interest in enrolling your child in our English tuition classes. Our friendly team will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the enrolment process. Additionally, you can also schedule a free online trial class for your child, allowing them to experience our engaging online English tuition firsthand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online English Tuition in Singapore


Christy G.
My boy has been with TAS since P2.He was with T.Joyce when he was P4 July/Aug. Under her guidance less than half a year, his EL P2 shot up in term 4.This year, P5 is a major different from P4.But that never overthrew my boy under T.joyce guidance. He has shown improvements in every topic, especially in grammar and vocabulary (full marks). She is really put in a lot of effort and guidance for every each of single student under her.Many thanks, T.Joyce 感恩
Han Siew C.
My P5 boy has been with Teacher Joanne for more than 2 years. Under the guidance of Teacher Joanne, his S&T and comprehension has improved leaps and bounds. He was the top in class for English in Term 2 and Term 3. I have also seen him gain confidence in his paper 2. Teacher is dedicated and will often update parents on the child's progress. Thank you Teacher Joanne.
Hazel N.
I enrolled my P2 child with Teacher Joanne for online lessons and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. Teacher Joanne has a remarkable ability to connect with young learners. Her teaching style is not only engaging but also highly effective. My child's English skills have improved significantly since joining her classes. I highly appreciate the continuous feedback and dedication that Teacher Joanne has offered throughout the learning journey. She is always approachable, friendly, and ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns.
Jennifer C.
My boy (now in Pri 4) recently got back his English composition paper that the school tested in WA. I am delighted to see his great improvement from Beginner writer/ intermediate writer (in Pri 3) to now a proficient writer! He started learning with teacher Huimin at The Alternative Story (Djitsun Mall) in January 2023. I am thankful to teacher Huimin for her coaching to my son in her lessons.
Jairo C.
Teacher Phoebe is an amazing teacher - from a B student to a straight A student, she was the only teacher that could pull my grades up. Despite a rocky start, I pulled through PSLE and DSAed English Language into my dream IP school!Forever grateful to Teacher Phoebe!
Annie S.
Thanks TAS especially teacher Jasmine for her teaching as my son has not only improve his English, but also enjoy the lesson every week. TAS Materials are well prepared. At the same time, the staffs are friendly, so that it is easier to follow up with them on any queries we have. I hope I could let my son start earlier with TAS. However, never too late. He joined at P4 year end and I could see his progress. Thumb up!
Tanya X.
Teacher Joanne has been teaching Warren since he was in P3. He has improved significantly compared to where he was at the start. Not only academic, teacher Joanne also helps the kids in class to improve their attitude and behavior in class. Did I mention all these were done via online lessons?Thank you 🙂
Elf E.
Teacher Jasmine is so awesome. My child has been with her for a few years. We started our online classes with her and ended up going to Parkway Parade specially to attend her lesson! Her lessons are always so engaging and my child learnt so much from her. Always so passionate, caring and patient.Many thanks Jasmine for all your guidance and hard work. His results have improved significantly. 😄👍
Cindy T.
Thank you Teacher Grace for always being very patient with my son. He used to be very weak but with Teacher Grace guidance, he has improved over time. Very sad that teacher Grace had to transfer to another branch. We will miss her! Thanks for your care and guidance for Kayern!
Winnie P.
My child was with TAS from P4-P6. Their curriculum and notes were very comprehensive and well-organised. During covid HBL, TAS adapted quickly to set up their online lessons, a sign of an effective management.Apart from that, I was most impressed by Teacher Elaine who taught my child. She is a very dynamic and dedicated teacher who can engage the class by her booming loud voice and fun quizzes and prizes. Before PSLE, she gave free extra classes and frequently checked in with me on my child’s revision progress. Post PSLE, she even organised celebration parties for the class. It is so rare to come by such a passionate teacher. Thank you, Teacher Elaine!
Cindy L.
My son has enjoyed his English lessons at TAS. The online classes provided a great alternative and flexibility to physical classes. Teacher Aaron is very engaging and always shares lots of interesting stories to help the child come up with more creative content for Paper 1. The materials provided by the center is also very well-structured and useful.
lina H.
My kids have been with TAS since their lower primary (P2 and P1 when they first joined TAS). We are glad we made the right choice of tuition centre for them.A BIG THANK YOU to Tr Elaine who has been teaching my girl from P2-P6. A very passionate teacher who goes extra miles to make sure the kids are very well prepared for their exams. She even conducted 1 hr extra lesson FOC for the kids (almost weekly) to better prepare them for p6 mid-year to psle. What a great teacher! With her guidance, my girl scored AL1 in her PSLE English. My girl enjoyed her lessons very much.Thank you to tr Melvyn, tr Chester and tr Joy who has helped my boy. He enjoys his lessons there as well,Last but not least, thank you to the admin staff Josephine & Bee Leng (hope I spell their name correctly) for their help when my kids need to arrange make up class.Overall, very happy with TAS. Will definitely recommend TAS to our friends.
Adele WS N.
Very glad that we managed to signed Corrine up for TAS teacher Joanne’s class from Jjitsum Mall. Teacher Joanne is a very responsible and committed teacher. She has helped Corrine improve and maintain her grades for English and scored AL1 for PSLE. Even when Corrine is taking the online lessons the entire year, teacher Joanne ensures that the students online are paying attention and she is able to capture their attention and ensure they are focusing on lesson..
Oh I.
My son joined TAS last year and over the 1+ year with TAS, he has gained confidence in his EL writing, as well as shown improvement in the various components of his main paper. Teacher Joanne has been a very dedicated teacher who didn’t mind spending extra time to coach her classes. She has been a very encouraging but yet firm teacher, which my son really needed. Thank you TAS for the guidance and great effort in helping our kids!
Mae P.
Teacher Joanne was simply awesome! She was patient, fun and very responsible. She was very dedicated and cared for the children wholeheartedly. Never in our dreams did we think our son can score an AL1 for English. We are blessed to have her for the important year.
Catherine S.
I would like to thank Teacher YueYing for her hard work in pushing my son to improve on his English language, making lessons fun and interesting! And also to encourage him to pick up reading! Without her guidance my son will still be in the borderline score.Once again! Thank you Teacher YueYing 😊
Serene C.
Teacher Yueying is a very meticulous and thoughtful teacher. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class, always encouraging her students to try. Teacher Yueying even went the extra mile by providing extra lessons during her own time. My son loves her teaching so much that he wished she taught Secondary school level too. Teacher with such passion in teaching is really hard to come by. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a more passionate teacher to boost their interest in learning.
Jolyn T.
Teacher Andy has been most dedicated and helpful in supporting my child. His lessons are always fun and engaging. We are grateful for the extra classes and online consultation prior exam. My child has certainly benefited and his English grade improved tremendously. If it has not been for Teacher Andy, my child probably would not have attained a AL 1 at PSLE. Thank you very much Teacher Andy!
Ivy Chiong A.
Special thanks to Teacher Yue Ying for her dedication in teaching the P6 class. My boy enjoyed her class and his results proven he benefited from the tuition.
Angeliqueous N.
My child in P3 had been with Teacher Michelle for only 5months and we saw progressive improvements in the SA2 by 1 AL level. Teacher Michelle is detailed and patient. Both kids and parents are engaged through her teaching. Highly recommended.
Siew-Li Lim (.
My children enjoy lessons with teacher Grace and teacher Sok Min very much.The teachers are always responsive to doubts raised after classes.
Karen M.
Teacher Sok Min and teacher Hui Min are very friendly and caring to kids. The English standard of my kids has greatly improved over the year.
Irene L.
My daughter has been doing TAS Online lessons with Teacher Michelle for the past year. She finds Teacher Michelle kind and patient. The lessons are interesting and engaging. My daughter’s writing skills have improved tremendously under her guidance and she got a good score for her EYA. Thank you Teacher Michelle!
Lynette Y.
My boy has been with TAS under Teacher Grace for 3 years. Teacher Grace is responsive over WhatsApp and her lessons are fun and interactive. We like the hybrid class option which TAS offers. The materials are organized and the flash cards are good for building vocabulary.
My P4 daughter has been with Teacher Joanne’s online classes for about 9months. My girl has enjoyed her lessons as Teacher Joanne has been very engaging and encouraging.My girl has shown great improvement for SA2 and best of all, she can write with ease and no longer has a fear for compositions! 👍
Jackee T.
Signed my girl up for creative writing class. I was very impressed by the admin who was very patient with me when I asked questions and changed dates a few times for the trial class, she was understanding and very responsive as well, i will get back a reply on the very same day. I also like that the school does not chase for payment, as long as we pay before the class (mom of many kids tend to forget until that day. Haha)My daughter and her friend enjoyed the 2hours creative writing class very much. They learn new words and I like how the teachers break down each word so it's easier for kids to remember. I read the compo she wrote in TAS, compared to the one she wrote in sch, her compo become "alive" with more descriptive words. Teacher Yvonne is very encouraging, my daughter likes the class, the teacher and said she wants to go back again. :)) As a mom, I'm happy to see my kids enjoy learning. 😊 Parents looking for fun, interactive and encouraging English classes for kids should check TAS out!
Angel G.
My boy has been with TAS for coming 2 years. The materials are great. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Teacher Sok Min for going extra miles to review my boy’s work. Not forgetting Eileen, the receptionist. She is helpful and friendly. We will continue the journey with TAS❤️
Js 1.
Many thanks to T Aaron. My daughter really enjoys her online tuition as the lesson is very interesting and engaging. T Aaron also pointed out the areas of improvement for her writing and gave countless encouragements to her to gain confidence in her English. I feel that the materials given by the tuition centre is concise and comprehensive for her ease of revision.
Ariel C.
My girl has been with TAS since P2, she enjoys her lessons very much as the lessons are very engaging. Teachers are fun and dedicated. Even during the pandemic, we don’t face any problems with learning via zoom as the teachers are creative to make every lesson counts. Their admin is also very responsive and friendly. Many many thanks to teacher Grace and teacher Hui min for the patience with my girl. She is now P4. And will complete her primary journey with TAS ! 👍 love their materials.
shu qing X.
Very helpful lesson handouts and compo techniques. Teacher Sok Min is not only approachable but also very responsible. She makes extra effort to help my child.
Eileen N.
Really appreciate and applaud Teacher Aaron for his dedication and interesting lessons since day 1. My daughter is always looking forward to his online classes every week! Lessons with Teacher Aaron is never a boring one! Always willing to share and gives feedback on how to help my daughter improve on her weaknesses. Thank you so much for being such an awesome teacher!
Caritas V.
Teacher Aaron is a dedicated and passionate teacher. And his lessons are always uplifting and he has a great sense of humour. My son enjoys all his lessons! My son commented that English is his favourite subject now. Towards his last lesson for his P6 students, Teach Aaron specially wrote a card with a gift to encourage them! My son was beaming with joy when he received them, he shared he will do his BEST not to disappoint his fav Teacher! Thank you for all your guidance and teachings, making learning enjoyable and helping my son to produce excellence in the subject!Lucas Ng Mummy
joyce O.
Teacher Aaron is highly engaging, responsible, competent and encouraging. My daughter reads widely and initially I hesitated to send her for enrichment as I thought she did not require it. However, TAS exceeded my expectations and she has truly blossomed under his guidance and instruction. Her compositions have improved tremendously, in originality, depth and structure. Most importantly, she loves going for class and looks forward to it every week.
Joanne F.
Since my boy joined TAS online class early this year, he being enjoying Teacher Aaron’s class every week.Tr Aaron’s lessons have never been dull, but energetic, engaging and enlivening. He applied the right techniques and has stretched my boy’s creativity in his composition. He is very dedicated and will give constructive advice to my boy’s compo and also paper 2.In a nutshell, he is very sharp in pointing out the areas where my boy is weak and provides valuable assistance with recommendation of free resources for my boy to look up for improving his knowledge.Over this period, his encouraging and positive method has boosted my boy’s confidence and improve his grade.Thank you very much, Teacher Aaron!
Priscilla P.
Thankful for Teacher Grace who is such a dedicated and passionate teacher. She is one who follows upwith child and parent too and provides regular updates about your child’s progress. Knowing that my daughter is learning so well in her class gives me great reassurance. Being away from Singapore for almost 10 years, TAS and teacher Grace has helped my daughter learn leaps and bounds and grasping the various components of learning the English language in Singapore. We appreciate all the tips in writing and enjoy hearing my daughter share good phrases that can be used in compositions 😉 Teacher Grace keeps her sessions enjoyable and learning fun. Going to her weekly class is never a chore at all.
Susanti L.
My boy has been with teacher Yvonne for about 6 months, I can see that he has improved and progressed through these few months in terms of grammar and techniques in composition writing. Teacher Yvonne has a lot of patience as she takes the time to review his work and provide weekly feedback. She identifies and provides guidance on areas where improvements could be made.My boy enjoys her lesson very much as she always encourage him to do better each time. I am very happy that I have found the right teacher for my boy 😀👍.
Janice C.
My P3 boy has been attending lesson with Teacher Joanne since P2 and he enjoys her lessons and is more confident in composition writing. Even when classes moved online during the pandemic, Teacher Joanne was able to conduct lessons effectively and helped him to stay focused during lessons. He has benefited a lot from her lessons and scored 29/30 for his school mid year weighted assessment. I’m thankful to Teacher Joanne for her guidance and happy with his progress at TAS.
Feng Yi C.
Both my kids (P6 and P4)have been with TAS since P1. They have benefitted tremendously from Teacher Yvonne, Teacher Chester and Teacher Joanne. Even when the classes switched to online due to the pandemic, the dedicated teachers do their best to stay connected with the kids and are always willing to help. Online classes are just as effective as my kids continue to improve. In fact, they have made great improvement the past 6 months. I am truly grateful to the teachers for all their support and encouragement all these years!
Eberta T.
I would like to thank Teacher Melvyn and the supporting team at TAS. My daughter was taught by Teacher Melvyn for slightly less than a year and in that short period I could see a significant improvement in her composition writing. Being an online class, I could also see how passionate Teacher Melvyn was in teaching his class every week. His lessons were lively and he somehow managed to engage every student - both the more chatty ones and the quieter ones! Each composition handed in is returned with constructive feedback and suggestions on how it can be further improved. TAS also has excellent centre handouts and books. Highly recommended!
L B.
My son was with T.A.S. for about 2 yrs. T.A.S. management is considered professional as compared to other enrichment centres. Teachers are being provided with hp to communicate with parents, on progress of students, which is very convenient.Tr. Yue Ying who was still based in AMK branch in 2021 is very dedicate in her teaching. She is very kind to provide extra lessons and notes for the P6 graduation class near the PSLE papers, she really went the extra mile to help them in whatever ways she could. By the way, she is also the "star" teacher in the centre as her classes are always fully taken up!The materials provided are a lot (as they are being charged separately) and comprehensive. The flashcards provided are useful to booste their bank of vocab but maybe too many as lessons not enough time to go through and kid doesn't flip through on their own.Have just enrolled my younger son in T.A.S. as well for his P5 English next year. Hope it is not too late!
The teachers at Alternative Story are excellent. I have been attending Teacher Melvyn's class for the past 4 years. Teacher Melvyn has been very helpful and patient with me. My English has shown great improvement. I even got AL 2 for English for PSLE 2021! Thank you Teacher Melvyn for your guidance.
Mabel Y.
My kid was taught by Teacher Melvyn, and he thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. Teacher Melvyn had built good rapport with all of his students throughout his lessons, and always made his lessons entertaining by showing informative videos and cracking jokes. My kid has also learnt to appreciate and develop a love for the language, and has improved greatly in the subject. A highly committed teacher with great passion.
My girl joined TAS late in Term 3 and she missed out a lot of the technic that was taught previously. In order to get her get up to speed, Teacher Sok Min has kindly offer to spend additional time with my girl to walk her through the various critical technic. Not only that, Teacher Sok Min is always quick in getting back to us when we asked her questions via the TAS platform. In short, a very dedicated teacher and definitely a pleasure to have her as my girl's teacher!
Chan Pui Shan S.
Teachers are superb! Both my kids attend TAS. The teachers are responsible and their lessons are engaging. I am especially thankful to Tr Phoebe and Tr Hui Min. They are very dedicated and always spend extra time to coach the students before PSLE. Highly recommended!

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