Primary 2 and Primary 3

Creative Writing Programmes


Level: Primary 2 – Primary 3 (Levels as of 2018)
(Available at our AMK, Bukit Timah, Clementi, Parkway Centre branches)

With the revised PSLE syllabus being implemented for about 3 years now, composition topics tested and done in schools are becoming increasingly varied. While the new syllabus requires students to come up with stories that are more character-driven based on mundane topics, we have observed in recent times that an even wider and more challenging range of topics and plots have been tested.
There are 3 main difficulties faced by students in composition writing based on the new syllabus.

Difficulty #1: Challenging Scenario
Most students would struggle when given scenarios that they have not been exposed to before, and find it difficult to come up with a good plot immediately.

Difficulty #2: Tricky Theme
At times, the theme can be rather tricky. For example, for a theme such as unfair punishment, some students may not focus on the punishment being ‘unfair’ and simply write about any punishment or they may not know how to resolve a punishment that seems unfair. Some students may also go off-topic by writing about getting into a fight or hurting someone, which would not justify the punishment as being ‘unfair’.

Difficulty #3: Simplistic Theme
Students may struggle to come up with a plot that is interesting when the theme given seems rather simplistic.
With these challenges and demands of topics and plots tested, we hope that this Holiday Programme will offer your children greater exposure to approach different topics and scenarios. This would equip them with more ideas and techniques to effectively tackle the composition segment in their examinations.

Below is an overview of what will be covered in our Creative Writing programmes.


The following topics will be covered in our Primary 2 – Primary 3 Creative Writing classes:

(as of 2018)
Composition Topics
Primary 2 A) Helpful Act
  1. Sharing your stationery with your friend who had forgotten to bring it for a test
  2. You helped a friend who fell down during Physical Education lesson.

(B) Fearful Incident
  1. Your best friend was badly injured during a school excursion.
  2. You were lost and almost left behind on a school excursion.
Primary 3 (A) Courageous Act
  1. You were playing 'Hide and Seek' with your brother when he got bitten by a poisonous spider.
  2. You were with Pang Pang in the forest when he got bitten by a poisonous snake.

(B) Frightening experience
  1. You and your classmates were camping in the forest. During one of the night activities, one of your friends got lost.
  2. Your friends were playing on the stairs along the corridor of your HDB block when one of them leaned over the railing and tumbled down.

Each student will receive four model compositions throughout our two-day programme.
We will also be covering other creative-writing techniques. 

They include:
• Varied sentence structure
• Good vocabulary
• Building tension

Part of the class will also be dedicated to Oral skills. We will be covering two forms of Oral as introduced by the new syllabus: Choosing from a List and Advertisement Analysis. Students will be taught how to communicate in an engaging manner, as opposed to merely regurgitating memorised facts.


Programmes (9.30am - 1.30pm)

(as of 2018)

Days / Dates (2017)


P2 Creative Writing and Oral

23rd Nov - 24th Nov
Thursday - Friday

AMK 709 / Parkway Centre

30th Nov – 1st Dec
Thursday – Friday

Bukit Timah

4th Dec - 5th Dec
Monday - Tuesday

Parkway Centre

P3 Creative Writing and Oral

23rd Nov - 24th Nov
Thursday - Friday

AMK 709

27th Nov - 28th Nov
Monday - Tuesday

AMK 702 / Clementi / Parkway Centre

30th Nov – 1st Dec
Thursday - Friday

Parkway Centre


1. Every programme will run for TWO days only.
2. The maximum number of students per class is 12.
3. All class timings are from 9.30am - 1.30pm (4 hours). This includes a 30-minute lunch break for all students.



The prices of the holiday programmes are as follows:


Price# (Before GST)


Early Bird*

Group (4 people)

Early Bird + Group *

P2 – P3 Creative Writing and Oral

$ 265.00

$ 250.00

$ 255.00

$ 245.00


# Prices listed are for one student and are subject to GST.

* All Early Bird promotions are eligible only until 22nd October 2017. To enjoy Early Bird Discount, all payment must be made by the 22nd October 2017.

An enquiry via email does not make one eligible for an early bird discount. A full registration for one to be eligible.

Students forming the group has to be 4 different students. Group discounts will be eligible across all levels, programmes and locations.


Lunch will be provided from McDonalds for both days of the Holiday Programme.
The following are the food choices:
• Cheeseburger Set Meal
• Filet O Fish Set Meal
• Mc Chicken Set Meal

All Set Meals will come with Mineral Water and an option of a packet fries or a cup of corn. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any special request or changes to the meal.

Parents may choose to opt out of this lunch option and prepare their own meals from home. However, prices for our Holiday Programme will remain the same.

Students will not be allowed to leave the centres to purchase food or drinks from nearby eateries.


Do bring along the following stationery for the programme:

Primary 1 – 3:
• Foolscap Paper (for composition writing)
• Pencil and Eraser
• Green Pen (for corrections)
• A4 Size Whiteboard, Marker and Duster (for class participation – optional)
• Other stationery (For e.g. highlighter, stapler, ruler)

Primary 4 – 6:
• Foolscap Paper (for composition writing)
• Pen and Correction Tape
• Green Pen (for corrections), Red Pen (for marking purposes)
• A4 Size Whiteboard, Marker and Duster (for class participation – optional)
• Other stationery (For e.g. highlighter, stapler, eraser, ruler, pencil)


All registration can be made online via the following link: thealternativestory.com/holidaysignup
We will no longer be accepting an email registration.

Registration will end on 12th November 2017. Do note that our administrators will reply you with a confirmation email within THREE working days. You will receive an email to confirm your child’s registration.



All payment for Cash and NETS should only be paid at the centre you’re registering for. The following are the addresses of our branches. We will no longer accept any cheque payment.

Details of our branch addresses and operating hours can be found on our website at thealternativestory.com/branches.
Payments must be made within one week upon receiving the confirmation email from our administrators. Otherwise, TAS reserves the right to release your slot to others on the waiting list. In order to enjoy Early Bird discounts, payment must be made by the 22nd October 2017.

• No cheque payments will be accepted at our branches.
• Registrations beyond the registration date may also be given to you if slots are still
available. In such cases, payments must be made in Cash / NETS only within 3 working days. No cheque payment will be acceptable.


(i) No refund will be given for any cancellation once payment has been made as a slot has already been reserved for you. However, materials used for the Holiday Programme will be provided for you. These materials can be collected from 23rd November 2017 onwards at the respective branches according to our opening hours (stated on our website).

(ii) We highly recommend registered students to attend the full two-day course he/she has registered for to prevent a disruption in your child’s learning environment. However, a make-up class can be arranged depending on the availability of the slot. TAS will not be liable if any materials taught are repeated in the make-up class. Every class is taught at a pace suitable for the class.

For further enquiries, you may call us at 6758 8744 or email us at info@thealternativestory.com.