Creative Writing for Primary 3 and 4

The Alternative Story unlocks the creative potential of Primary 3 and 4 students by working to make an impact on their skills, and creativity. We have designed a curriculum that provides them with a solid foundation in the English Language and Creative Writing, focusing on key skills required for these grade levels. Our experienced tutors create an engaging environment where students feel motivated and inspired to explore their creative potential. Enrol in our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 or 4 and experience our unique teaching approach yourself.

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Overview of the Creative Writing for Primary 3 and 4 Programme

Our carefully designed programmes aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to ace their composition examinations while also nurturing their creativity and honing their writing capabilities.

Creative Writing for Primary 3

Our Primary 3 Creative Writing Programme is designed to familiarise students with topics similar to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) composition examination format in Singapore. With our engaging and interactive lesson, students will not only have fun learning how to create compelling compositions with clear, sequential descriptions using key writing techniques but also broaden their vocabulary. 

Creative Writing for Primary 4

Our Primary 4 Creative Writing Programme equips students with the necessary skills to tackle the PSLE composition examination in Singapore with confidence. Through our structured and curated classes, they will learn and master advanced writing techniques to excel in the composition examination. With an increased focus on story content, students will be exposed to news articles and taught how to identify story ideas based on them.

Programme Structure for Primary 3 Creative Writing

Learning Duration: 2 hours for each lesson

In our Primary 3 Creative Writing curriculum, students will have a full grasp of creating well-structured compositions through plot planning, literary techniques, use of good vocabulary and varied sentence structure.

Content and Writing Skills

  • Understand the intermediate story structure at the Primary 3 level.
  • Effectively plan a story based on provided topics, utilising 1 title and 3 pictures.
  • Create a well-structured story with proper flow and sequencing.
  • Systematically describe and write each part of the story.
  • Develop the ability to visualise and vividly describe events in a story.
  • Familiarise examination structure and valuable tips for writing examinations.
  • Apply learnt writing skills effectively during their examinations.

Language Learning

  • Expand vocabulary by replacing common words with specific vocabulary words to vividly describe actions and feelings.
  • Utilise sentence starters to introduce variety and diversity in sentence structures.
  • Incorporate thematic vocabulary related to each writing topic for more precise and engaging expression.
  • Develop the ability to remember and independently apply vocabulary learnt.

Programme Structure for Primary 4 Creative Writing

Learning Duration: 2 hours for each lesson

The Creative Writing curriculum we have designed for our Primary 4 students prepares them for their PSLE examinations and guides them in mastering advanced writing techniques to create excellent compositions.

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Content and Writing Skills

  • Master the art of smart picture selection to choose the most suitable storyline. 
  • Plan a story with a well-structured flow and proper sequencing.
  • Identify the key parts of a story that require focus and elaborate on them in writing.
  • Acquire writing skills to describe and articulate each part of the story systematically.
  • Cultivate the ability to visualise and portray a sequentially detailed main event, also known as the climax. 
  • Learn techniques to depict different characters in a story effectively.
  • Understand how to identify the main idea of a story and express the lesson learnt clearly.
  • Craft stories based on topics similar to those encountered in Upper Primary levels.
  • Familiarise themselves with examination rules and valuable tips.
  • Apply their writing skills confidently in an examination setting.
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Language Learning

  • Utilise an enriched range of vocabulary words to describe actions and feelings vividly.
  • Incorporate thematic vocabulary relevant to each writing topic.
  • Retain and independently apply vocabulary words learnt.
  • Use a wider variety of sentence starters to introduce diversity and variation in sentence structures.

The Benefits of Enrolling in a Creative Writing Programme

At The Alternative Story, we nurture Primary students’ potential in writing and language with our esteemed Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4 School students. By joining our courses, even at a young age, students will reap the following benefits:

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Become Well-Rounded Writers

Through our English Writing Class for Primary School, Primary 3 and 4 School students embark on a journey towards becoming well-rounded writers. Our curriculum focuses on writing mechanics, including story planning and structuring, as well as vocabulary development. Engaging activities and writing exercises foster the skills needed to construct well-organised and coherent compositions. As a result, students can express their thoughts and ideas effectively and with ease.

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Learn Creative Problem-Solving

Our Creative Writing Programme empowers Primary 3 and 4 students to embrace creative problem-solving. We guide them in acquiring essential skills such as persuasive communication and analytical thinking. This mindset equips them to approach challenges with confidence, whether encountered in academic settings or real-life situations. By mastering these skills, students will excel not only in their studies but also in building relationships and thriving in their future workplaces.

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Grow into Effective Communicators

Effective communication extends beyond writing, and our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4 students recognises the importance of strong oral communication skills. That’s why in every class, we engage our students in stimulating discussions and exercises so that they develop their skills and public speaking, helping them become effective communicators.

Rates of Our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4

At The Alternative Story, we offer competitive pricing for our Creative Writing Programme designed for Primary 3 and 4 School students. New students are required to pay a one-time registration fee of S$50 along with a refundable deposit of S$50. We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and NETS, to provide convenience and flexibility for our valued customers.

Level Type of Class Per Lesson
(Prices are before GST)
*Valid for lessons in 2023*
Material Fee
P3 - P4 Creative Writing Class S$62.50 Included in Lesson Fees

Our Creative Writing Tutors for Primary 3 and 4

We have a team of experienced tutors who play a vital role in maintaining an exceptional Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4 students. We recognise the direct impact of instruction quality on students' learning experience and development. Therefore, you can be assured that our tutors possess the necessary expertise, passion, and commitment to guide Primary School students in developing a mastery of language and honing their writing skills while also fostering their love for learning. They are well-versed in working with students at the Primary level and understand the unique challenges faced in Creative Writing.

How to Enrol in Our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4

Enrolling your child in our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4 is as easy as following three simple steps.

Sign Up

Complete our online form by providing the required information. That way, we can promptly get in touch with you as soon as we can.


Upon receiving your form, we will reach out to you to gain an understanding of your child's specific needs.

Schedule a Trial Class

Our staff will help you find a suitable time for a trial class. We will make sure to accommodate your child in any of our available slots at their convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Creative Writing Programme for Primary 3 and 4


reese n
My daughter and i are thankful for T. Yvonne’s guidance for the past four years. She’s detailed in covering the comprehensive materials and timely in providing feedback when needed.Her classes are lively and she’s wonderful in being able to capture her students’ attention.The admin team is also so patient, cheerful and quick to respond whenever i reach out for help. 🌼Thanks for going the extra mile always T. Yvonne!
My son has been with Teacher Joanne since P3 and always eagerly looks forward to her class. Her lessons are dynamic and interactive, which has greatly enhanced my child's interest and proficiency in the subject. She takes the time to understand each student's needs, providing personalized attention that has significantly boosted my child's confidence and skills.The curriculum is robust and well-structured, with a good balance between grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and creative writing. Teacher Joanne's dedication and enthusiasm make learning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for my son.I highly recommend TAS to any parent looking for a place where their child can grow academically and creatively.
Very glad we signed my son with Teacher Jun Wei's class. Teacher Jun Wei has helped my son not just improve his grades but most importantly his interest for the subject. My son always looks forward to the lessons and can't wait for the next. Teacher Jun Wei is very dedicated, genuine, communicates well and goes the extra mile to help. We are very grateful and wish more educators are like him. Thank you !
QiFen L.
My girl has completed 2 terms at T.A.S. I have seen significant improvement in her vocab / grammer usage in writing and her Eng result in sch for Term 2 was shocking good. Very thankful for Teacher Merlyn. My 1st child has been attending for 2 yrs in T.A.S, seeing his improvement makes me send my 2nd child this year.
Serin L.
My son has been attending class in TAS (Parkway branch) since Primary 1 and has been enjoying it. This is his 3rd year with Teacher Jasmine and I am immensely grateful towards her dedication and commitment for the kids. Her constructive feedbacks have been extremely helpful in guiding me on my son’s progress. His writing skills have improved greatly and also is more mindful on making less careless mistakes. Highly recommend Teacher Jasmine and TAS to parents who have the intention to send their kids for English enrichment classes.
Jennifer G.
My girl has been with The Alternative Story since primary 1. She enjoys all the fun lessons by Teacher Yvonne. Teacher Yvonne is very engaging and ensures that no kids is being left out during lessons. She will constantly give us updates on what is being covered and ensure us that our kids are on track. TAS materials are excellent and they cover both paper 1 and 2. Tests will also be conducted to ensure our kids understand what they have learnt in class. A good foundation is essential and glad TAS is able to equip my girl with it.
Judy H
I sent my boys to TAS after a friend recommended the centre to me. My boys enjoy the lessons immensely and are always looking forward to lessons every week. Their materials are comprehensive and the teachers are patient. Most important, I get regular updates from the teachers regarding my child’s progress. In the same way, I will also share my concerns with the teachers and they will also work on it with my children.I am thankful to Teacher Yvonne who has always been looking out for my boys in the last 2 years. Also thankful to the supportive admin team who is always quick to answer to my queries as well as making the necessary arrangement🙏🏻
Lyn N.
My child has been with TAS since p5 and he enjoys his lessons with Teacher Joyce. Lessons are always fun and engaging and he has benefitted greatly. Teacher Joyce is very encouraging and provides regular updates on his work and progress. We are very grateful to her for her dedication and hard work.
Jaslyn T.
My daughter have joined TAS since primary 2, now she is primary 6 with teacher Joanne. It has been a great journey so far, the teachers are fantastic and provide regular feedback on their weak areas.
I was looking for an English writing lesson for my son who studies at an international school. Through a friend’s recommendation we found TAS, he had a very positive experience there. Teacher Joanne is an amazing teacher, she’s so loving, encouraging and patient that my son literally looking forward to her lesson every Saturday and he’s 12. She helped him to improve his grammar and writing, she had also spent extra time to tutor him so he can catch with the class syllabus. She went above and beyond what she was doing to help my son improve his grammar. Through out his study he had showed improvement mastering grammar as well as comprehension and writting. We’re so grateful for TAS!
S Lynn T.
Thankful for the dedication of Teacher Michelle who has always been prompt in giving my daughter useful feedback regarding her work and ready to provide any additional help for English outside of lesson time. She also provides very good notes to parents after each lesson and customised feedback for my daughter in all areas of her work. My daughter enjoys her lessons very much!
Ant L.
Ashlyn has been attending TAS for the past one year plus now. It has been a rewarding experience. We can see how Ashlyn has improved a lot in term of her English standard and is always enjoying the classes. Teacher Jeslyn and previous Teacher Jay have been able to engage her and encouraging her to continuously improve herself to be better.We have no doubt that TAS is the right place for her. Just like her brother who was also a student at TAS previously benefited so much for the teachers and curriculum.Thanks so much Teacher Jeslyn and TAS for helping Ashlyn learn and grow !
Farhana Mohd N.
Teacher Joyce teaches both my children. I am delighted to share my experience with this exceptional English teacher who has made a significant impact on my children's learning journey. She excels in every aspect of her role, ensuring that each student receives personalised attention and feedback that caters to their individual needs and areas for improvement.Her effectiveness as a teacher is evident in the progress my children have made. The grammar rules, which once seemed daunting and complicated, are now accessible and manageable thanks to her clear and concise explanations. She breaks down complex concepts into easy-to-understand segments, using effective teaching techniques that cater to different learning styles.Teacher Joyce has a remarkable ability to keep my children engaged during Zoom sessions, a task that many find challenging. Her dynamic and interactive teaching methods capture their attention and make learning enjoyable. My children eagerly look forward to her lessons, a testament to her engaging and inspiring teaching style. The improvement in their English skills is palpable, and it is clear that her dedication and passion for teaching have played a crucial role in this transformation.My children's enthusiasm for her lessons and their notable improvement under her guidance speak volumes about her exceptional capabilities as a teacher.Thank you Teacher Joyce !
Chong K.
My daughter who is now in Pri 4, has been with TAS since she is in Primary 1. Her teacher, Elaine has been the most dedicated and responsible teacher. My daughter has definitely excelled under the guidance of her!
sawhoon N.
My girl improved a lot after attending TAS lessons. The teacher is caring and able to point out her weakness and giving her extra practices to ensure she is able to do better.
Ryan F.
My son has been attending this tuition centre for a few years now and he has enjoyed the classes taught by their teachers. The materials provided are useful and helps in improving his English level. Recommended!
Michelle N.
My daughter has been attending TAS since last year. Her English language has improved significantly. She really enjoyed her classes there. Kudos to Teacher Andrea and the teachers who taught her.
Kannan A.
My daughter is from Sec 2She has improved in her English by a lot since she joined TAS. Her teacher, Teacher Danielle, has helped her a lot by giving her notes for her exams and guiding her when she makes mistakes. I really recommend TAS for any students who are struggling with English.
Irene Evette C.
I would to express my appreciation to T.Michelle. My boy is P1 and new to TAS. After every lesson she shares very detailed updates on what my boy has learnt and areas he did well and highlight areas that needs improvement. Really appreciate it very much as a parent. And most importantly my boy enjoys her class very much and looks forward each week! 🙏🏻
Serene S.
My son, Caleb has been with TAS since P3. When he first joined TAS, he struggled in class, trying very hard to grasp the writing techniques. Under the guidance of Teacher Suet Fen, he has improved a lot in his writing and scored well in his P4 end of year school exams. I'm very grateful to Teacher Suet Fen who has spend a lot of effort in correcting his compo, giving him advice on alternative word or phrase to use to sharpen his writing. Hope that he will continue to shine in P5 under the care of Teacher Suet Fen.
My child has been attending Teacher Dione’s class since P3 n she looks forward to attend lesson every week. Tr Dione is very engaging and is very clear in her explanations. She even has interesting ways to remember grammar rules. My kid has achieved good grades in her English and also top the cohort in the subject for 2 years. At the same time, staff are also extremely accommodating and helpful towards parents requests and queries. Thanks TAS!
Ellen K (.
We have been with TAS for 3 years and my child enjoys every single lesson with Teacher Chester. Teacher Chester always make the lesson interesting and builds up the confidence in my child's composition writing skills. He is ever so helpful and patient in replying her queries. We are indeed thankful for Teacher Chester's eminent help in her Primary school learning journey!
D’dre L.
We are truly grateful for the teachers at TAS particularly Teacher Chester and Teacher Mabel who taught my daughter since P2. She now enjoys writing and has become an accomplished writer. She also enjoyed the lessons as the teachers are engaging, responsible and dedicated. She has scored an AL1 in her recent PSLE with their support and guidance. Thank you TAS for helping my daughter excel in English and more importantly, it has inculcated in her the love for the English Language.
Diana L.
My son joined TAS since pri 6 and he was taught by Teacher Aaron.He is an incredible teacher. The most passionate and committed teacher I have ever met. My son’s composition skill has improved tremendously. I am very thankful to teacher Aaron for his dedications and he never fails to answer all my queries promptly.
Thandar L.
Teacher Jasmine from TAS parkway Center creates an engaging and supportive learning environment in her English enrichment class. Her commitment and dedication for her students truly shines through her lessons.She provides constructive feedback and encourages active participation in the class. Overall, Teacher Jasmine's class has been instrumental in enhancing my girl English language skills, and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a dynamic and effective English learning experience."
My son who has no prior English tuition joined TAS only in term 3 of his PSLE year for extra practice in composition writing given the school doesn’t really give much practices. He has been blessed with Teacher Phoebe who always goes the extra mile for her students, making them copy down good phrases and keep a book of good references. He went on to do better in PSLE and we are thankful for the last minute support from teacher Phoebe!
Joyce L.
My Primary 6 son started TAS this year in order to prepare for his PSLE English, and I am glad that TAS managed it wonderfully. Through interactive activities and engaging worksheets, he managed to grow his interest in the subject and score. I would also like to commend Teacher Fung Qi for her bright disposition in teaching the class and always addressing each student’s concerns and struggles and helping them the best she could. Through TAS’s help, my son performed excellently for his PSLE English.Thank you TAS!
C. Y. S.
Both of my kids had spent several years at TAS and I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers who had helped them in their English, particularly Tr Fungqi, Tr Yvonne and Tr Chester. My kids had not only achieved good grades in their exams but also gained a lot of knowledge in English. Would highly recommend TAS to anyone looking for English enrichment for their children.
Jaime C.
My girl did her 1.5 yr with TAS before doing her PSLE. The previous tuition place she went had the curriculum pitched too high and it was intimidating and even I find it too difficult. TAS curriculum is pitched just at a nice level to tackle PSLE and she had a 2 grade improvement.Her teacher T Andy was always ready to support especially with difficult questions and the admin is also so accommodating with replacement classesWith such good experience i gave enrolled my P2 and P4 this year.My review for my P4 will be done for Djitsun outlet.
Esther N.
Kudos to Teacher Suet Fun who has made the class very engaging and my daughter (T)looks forward to attending the weekly classes. She is a Gem teacher as she constantly reminds the students on discipline, being well prepared, turning in quality work. Teacher Suet Fun is also well versed in the IT when conducting class. She responds fast on WhatsApp to my queries with clarity as she is very familiar with the student’s work and progress as demonstrated in the class when she corrects or guides them as I have observed in the online lessons. She is a committed teacher who goes the extra smile and has provided extra coaching session for weeks leading up to PSLE.
My P3 boy did well for his final (AL1)under the guidance of Teacher Crystal. Her classes are engaging and interesting. He enjoys reading and learning new phrases these days. He can even now explain to me the grammar rules and new vocabulary.Thank you so much for the thoughtful teaching and feedback, Teacher Crystal.
Lin R.
Teacher Crystal from TAS makes every lesson interesting and interactive. We have seen great improvements in our child’s composition. Most importantly, Kaiser now enjoys writing and sharing his stories with us. Thank you Teacher Crystal for your dedication and hard work. 👍👍👍
ShauMei L.
I highly recommend TAS Tuition Center for English enrichment. Since migrating to Perth, Eileen, the admin, has been incredibly helpful, promptly responding to email requests and ensuring materials are delivered. Teacher Grace has made English lessons enjoyable for my child, incorporating fun activities that foster both learning and play. The encouragement provided has significantly improved my child's composition skills. Overall, a fantastic experience with a dedicated team.
Amanda W.
My son has been with TAS for 3 years. I can see the improvements in his composition writing. Tr Jun Wei is engaging and my son enjoys his lessons very much (both online and onsite). Tr Jun Wei will go the extra miles to give extra lessons during the exam period. The TAS materials are very comprehensive where we use it for PSLE revision to reinforce the grammar and S&T rules. We are very happy that my son achieves an AL1 for PSLE English. Thank you, Tr Jun Wei and TAS.
Hazliana M.
My daughter has been with TAS purely online classes since mid last year. These online classes have been engaging and we appreciate the timely feedback Teacher Grace provides on their written assignments. My daughter looks forward to Teacher Grace’s classes every week and we have seen a marked improvement in her performance ever since. Through these classes, my daughter has learnt useful writing skills that has allowed her to be a better writer.
We are extremely grateful to Teacher Yvonne for her patience and dedication to help my child in improving his English. He joined in P3 and within a year, we could see his progress and more confidence in writing composition.TAS materials are clear and well organized for ease of revision by students.We are fortunate to be in Teacher Yvonne’s class, and appreciate her periodic updates and feedbacks on how to improve on his weak areas.We would also like to express our thanks to the staff at TAS Parkway for always being helpful towards parent’s queries and requests.Thank you to the wonderful team at TAS and Parkway!
Selina C.
My son, Isaac has been with Alternative story for a while and he used to struggle with expressing his ideas in composition and synthesis. However, after joining Alternative Story, he has improved significantly in these areas, thanks to the constant guidance and encouragement of Teacher Elaine.Teacher Elaine is a dedicated and professional teacher who has a passion for teaching English. She also gives Isaac regular feedback to reinforce his learning and monitor his progress.I am very grateful to Teacher Elaine and Alternative Story for helping Isaac improve his English skills and develop his love for learning.
Thanks Tr. Yvonne for teaching my son. He did very well in his P3 EOY exam recently. My son was with Tr. Yvonne for two years in online lessons and he has developed new learning skills. Tr. Yvonne is a passionate and dedicated teacher. She always highlighted the area that can improve especially in the composition. And thanks to Tr. Yvonne’s swift response in answering all my queries!
My girl has been with TAS for 3 years since P2. The couching materials are really very useful as they are very comprehensive, well-organized, detailed and with techniques. My girl has benefited from it and her results has been improved tremendously since after joining TAS. She is with T.Dione in P4. T.Dione’s lessons are always very fun and engaging. My girl likes her lessons so much. She always goes the extra miles to ensure the children understand the lessons well and well prepared for the exams by giving extra questions and quizzes. She is really a dedicated teacher. We are glad that we have chosen TAS and it’s really a right choice.
Cindy E.
My daughter YS had attended a few English tuitions classes in other centres since P4- P5, but didn’t improve much in her English subject.After my friend recommended, she attended Teacher Joanne’s class when there were 7- 8 months left to PSLE. Her results started improving a lot !!! Finally both Prelim & PSLE scored AL1 !!!Teachers Joanne is helpful with good strategies to score points in PSLE.My daughter has learnt lots of vocabularies and good phrases from her. She has improved in her composition writing too.Teacher Joanne and team have been a very dedicated group and supported my child in her learning,good teaching materials and helpful administrators at Djitsun Mall👍🏼We feel really blessed to have such a wonderful teacher looking out for her.Thank you for your guidance, teacher Joanne!Highly recommend to send kids to attend her class.
Cindy N
I’m so glad that my child joined and had Teacher Joanne to journey with for English. Teacher Joanne is very dedicated and never fail to correct my child’s assignments. She will provide necessary feedbacks and suggestions from time to time. TAS has very good teaching materials and helpful administrator at Dijitsu Mall. 👍🏼
Hk L.
My girl Clara had been in Teacher Joanne's class from P1 to P6. Teacher Joanne was always very encouraging and has great rapport with all the students in her class. Clara enjoyed her lessons in TAS very much. My girl achieved a AL1 for English for psle and we will like to convey our thanks to Teacher Joanne for the guidance for the past 6 years!
S Lynn T.
Grateful to Teacher Joy, Teacher Jasmine and the team at TAS for their dedication and hard work. There were plenty of useful resources that we referred to regularly (eg. Grammar and synthesis rules, latest topics for compo and oral, model compos etc.) Furthermore, Teacher Joy was always helpful in answering our queries whenever we were unsure what rules to apply. She encouraged and gave good feedback so my daughter was able to make a massive improvement for PSLE and scored AL1 for English and got into a school of her choice. Well done TAS!
Teo Wee W.
My girl had been with TAS since p5 and she always looked forward to each lesson under Teacher Joyce. Material is great and Teacher Joyce had always been very patient with her endless questions. Under her guidance, her writing was consistently well written and paper 2’s grade was improving continuously throughout the 2 years. Both my son (4 years ago) and daughter were under Teacher Joyce’s guidance and scored A star and AL1 respectively.
Eileen T.
My girls have been attending TAS since Primary 1. They have benefited greatly by the well-planned lessons and carefully crafted materials.They were blessed to be taught by teacher Andy this year and they thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. He will incorporate fun elements in his lessons and my girls always look forward to attending his class.
Desmond W.
Teacher Aaron has made english fun, engaging and different from the usual academic enrichment program out there. My daughter constantly looks forward to attending his lesson. Teacher Aaron is also very accommodating to assist with questions outside our lesson hours whenever we have questions for him. He has helped my daughter achieve AL1 in PSLE English.
My daughter has a very good rapport with her TAS teacher. He makes all the lessons interesting for the class even though it is online. As such it makes her love English. What is precious is that my daughter well being is also looked after. She felt safe and supported. Thank you Tr Aaron. 😊
See J.
Learning materials from TAS are structured and easy to understand for my child. Teacher Aaron makes extra effort to explain common mistakes in grammar and S&T. His lessons are interesting and engaging.
My boy went to TAS since P3 and within 1 semaster, he has improved his compo results from 12/20 to 18/20. For p4 and p5, he consistently achieves 36-39 out of 40 for his exam compo section. He finally dsa into his dream school with English. He also achieved AL1 in psle. Thank you to teacher Fung Qi and Teacher Yvonne who taught him in tas.
Angie N
We have been with TAS for 3 years since my girl P1, no doubt their coaching materials and methods is really works very well for my kid. I have seen how she built up her confidence in compo writing and her interest in reading English books. We would really glad that we are so lucky to meet Teacher Yvonne who previously based in Jubilee Sq and now moved to Parkway branch. Yet she make special arrangement for us to join her class virtually 🥰With Teacher Yvonne, me as parent have 100% confidence on her coaching and guidance to my girl and not to forget to thanks her for her positive encouragement that always bring the positive vibes to the class and make my girl so looking fwd for each class! Thank you Teacher Yvonne, we r so blessed that we met u 🙏
Jeraldine G.
Had been with TAS for 3 years. The parkway branch service is very good, very prompt responding to queries. Teacher Aaron had been one of most responsible and caring teacher who will go the extra mile for his students. Thank you TAS and teache Aaron!
Eileen C.
My P4 girl has been attending TAS since lower primary. TAS materials are very good & are in booklet form with answer keys such that even when there is no lesson due to PH, the kids can still do as homework for self mark. Teacher Soh Min is a patient teacher & also motivate her students via points reward system including use of app such as booklet to make it interesting for the kids. When identified my girl is weak in grammar, she also provided extra homework for my girl to practice & improve. My girl achieved 90+ overall for her P4 final year exam which is quite a pleasant surprise.
Dee Q.
My son has been attending TAS classes since he was in P2. Now that he just completed his P4 End of year exams, I'm glad that I started the class in his early years. It has helped laid down a good foundation for his English especially in his writing, which comes to him very easily now.I'm really grateful to Teacher Son Min who provided feedback on the specific areas which he was weak on and provided notes and tips on how he could work on them. Thanks for all the help!
Sock Cheng T.
TAS is not stranger to parents seeking to build strong english foundation for young children. The materials are clear and concise, making it simple for parents to reinforce the tricky grammatical rules at home. And, the real differentiation lies in having experienced teachers and efficient adminstrative team. We were fortunate to have T. Yvonne taking our girl this year. Notwithstanding her stern facade, she is sensitive to the temperament of individual child in a relatively large class. Her ability to size up the kids quickly and her relentless drilling on areas of development are effective in unleashing the potential of the little learners. I appreciate your periodic updates and honest feedbacks with practical suggestions to bring out the best ability of my child. Thank you T. Yvonne for building impeccable english foundation with Rianne.
Christy G.
My boy has been with TAS since P2.He was with T.Joyce when he was P4 July/Aug. Under her guidance less than half a year, his EL P2 shot up in term 4.This year, P5 is a major different from P4.But that never overthrew my boy under T.joyce guidance. He has shown improvements in every topic, especially in grammar and vocabulary (full marks). She is really put in a lot of effort and guidance for every each of single student under her.Many thanks, T.Joyce 感恩
Han Siew C.
My P5 boy has been with Teacher Joanne for more than 2 years. Under the guidance of Teacher Joanne, his S&T and comprehension has improved leaps and bounds. He was the top in class for English in Term 2 and Term 3. I have also seen him gain confidence in his paper 2. Teacher is dedicated and will often update parents on the child's progress. Thank you Teacher Joanne.
Hazel N.
I enrolled my P2 child with Teacher Joanne for online lessons and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. Teacher Joanne has a remarkable ability to connect with young learners. Her teaching style is not only engaging but also highly effective. My child's English skills have improved significantly since joining her classes. I highly appreciate the continuous feedback and dedication that Teacher Joanne has offered throughout the learning journey. She is always approachable, friendly, and ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns.
Jennifer C.
My boy (now in Pri 4) recently got back his English composition paper that the school tested in WA. I am delighted to see his great improvement from Beginner writer/ intermediate writer (in Pri 3) to now a proficient writer! He started learning with teacher Huimin at The Alternative Story (Djitsun Mall) in January 2023. I am thankful to teacher Huimin for her coaching to my son in her lessons.
Jairo C.
Teacher Phoebe is an amazing teacher - from a B student to a straight A student, she was the only teacher that could pull my grades up. Despite a rocky start, I pulled through PSLE and DSAed English Language into my dream IP school!Forever grateful to Teacher Phoebe!
Annie S.
Thanks TAS especially teacher Jasmine for her teaching as my son has not only improve his English, but also enjoy the lesson every week. TAS Materials are well prepared. At the same time, the staffs are friendly, so that it is easier to follow up with them on any queries we have. I hope I could let my son start earlier with TAS. However, never too late. He joined at P4 year end and I could see his progress. Thumb up!
Tanya X.
Teacher Joanne has been teaching Warren since he was in P3. He has improved significantly compared to where he was at the start. Not only academic, teacher Joanne also helps the kids in class to improve their attitude and behavior in class. Did I mention all these were done via online lessons?Thank you 🙂
Elf E.
Teacher Jasmine is so awesome. My child has been with her for a few years. We started our online classes with her and ended up going to Parkway Parade specially to attend her lesson! Her lessons are always so engaging and my child learnt so much from her. Always so passionate, caring and patient.Many thanks Jasmine for all your guidance and hard work. His results have improved significantly. 😄👍
Cindy T.
Thank you Teacher Grace for always being very patient with my son. He used to be very weak but with Teacher Grace guidance, he has improved over time. Very sad that teacher Grace had to transfer to another branch. We will miss her! Thanks for your care and guidance for Kayern!
Winnie P.
My child was with TAS from P4-P6. Their curriculum and notes were very comprehensive and well-organised. During covid HBL, TAS adapted quickly to set up their online lessons, a sign of an effective management.Apart from that, I was most impressed by Teacher Elaine who taught my child. She is a very dynamic and dedicated teacher who can engage the class by her booming loud voice and fun quizzes and prizes. Before PSLE, she gave free extra classes and frequently checked in with me on my child’s revision progress. Post PSLE, she even organised celebration parties for the class. It is so rare to come by such a passionate teacher. Thank you, Teacher Elaine!
Cindy L.
My son has enjoyed his English lessons at TAS. The online classes provided a great alternative and flexibility to physical classes. Teacher Aaron is very engaging and always shares lots of interesting stories to help the child come up with more creative content for Paper 1. The materials provided by the center is also very well-structured and useful.
lina H.
My kids have been with TAS since their lower primary (P2 and P1 when they first joined TAS). We are glad we made the right choice of tuition centre for them.A BIG THANK YOU to Tr Elaine who has been teaching my girl from P2-P6. A very passionate teacher who goes extra miles to make sure the kids are very well prepared for their exams. She even conducted 1 hr extra lesson FOC for the kids (almost weekly) to better prepare them for p6 mid-year to psle. What a great teacher! With her guidance, my girl scored AL1 in her PSLE English. My girl enjoyed her lessons very much.Thank you to tr Melvyn, tr Chester and tr Joy who has helped my boy. He enjoys his lessons there as well,Last but not least, thank you to the admin staff Josephine & Bee Leng (hope I spell their name correctly) for their help when my kids need to arrange make up class.Overall, very happy with TAS. Will definitely recommend TAS to our friends.
Adele WS N.
Very glad that we managed to signed Corrine up for TAS teacher Joanne’s class from Jjitsum Mall. Teacher Joanne is a very responsible and committed teacher. She has helped Corrine improve and maintain her grades for English and scored AL1 for PSLE. Even when Corrine is taking the online lessons the entire year, teacher Joanne ensures that the students online are paying attention and she is able to capture their attention and ensure they are focusing on lesson..
Oh I.
My son joined TAS last year and over the 1+ year with TAS, he has gained confidence in his EL writing, as well as shown improvement in the various components of his main paper. Teacher Joanne has been a very dedicated teacher who didn’t mind spending extra time to coach her classes. She has been a very encouraging but yet firm teacher, which my son really needed. Thank you TAS for the guidance and great effort in helping our kids!
Mae P.
Teacher Joanne was simply awesome! She was patient, fun and very responsible. She was very dedicated and cared for the children wholeheartedly. Never in our dreams did we think our son can score an AL1 for English. We are blessed to have her for the important year.
Catherine S.
I would like to thank Teacher YueYing for her hard work in pushing my son to improve on his English language, making lessons fun and interesting! And also to encourage him to pick up reading! Without her guidance my son will still be in the borderline score.Once again! Thank you Teacher YueYing 😊
Serene C.
Teacher Yueying is a very meticulous and thoughtful teacher. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class, always encouraging her students to try. Teacher Yueying even went the extra mile by providing extra lessons during her own time. My son loves her teaching so much that he wished she taught Secondary school level too. Teacher with such passion in teaching is really hard to come by. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a more passionate teacher to boost their interest in learning.
Jolyn T.
Teacher Andy has been most dedicated and helpful in supporting my child. His lessons are always fun and engaging. We are grateful for the extra classes and online consultation prior exam. My child has certainly benefited and his English grade improved tremendously. If it has not been for Teacher Andy, my child probably would not have attained a AL 1 at PSLE. Thank you very much Teacher Andy!
Ivy Chiong A.
Special thanks to Teacher Yue Ying for her dedication in teaching the P6 class. My boy enjoyed her class and his results proven he benefited from the tuition.
Angeliqueous N.
My child in P3 had been with Teacher Michelle for only 5months and we saw progressive improvements in the SA2 by 1 AL level. Teacher Michelle is detailed and patient. Both kids and parents are engaged through her teaching. Highly recommended.
Siew-Li Lim (.
My children enjoy lessons with teacher Grace and teacher Sok Min very much.The teachers are always responsive to doubts raised after classes.
Karen M.
Teacher Sok Min and teacher Hui Min are very friendly and caring to kids. The English standard of my kids has greatly improved over the year.
Irene L.
My daughter has been doing TAS Online lessons with Teacher Michelle for the past year. She finds Teacher Michelle kind and patient. The lessons are interesting and engaging. My daughter’s writing skills have improved tremendously under her guidance and she got a good score for her EYA. Thank you Teacher Michelle!
Lynette Y.
My boy has been with TAS under Teacher Grace for 3 years. Teacher Grace is responsive over WhatsApp and her lessons are fun and interactive. We like the hybrid class option which TAS offers. The materials are organized and the flash cards are good for building vocabulary.
My P4 daughter has been with Teacher Joanne’s online classes for about 9months. My girl has enjoyed her lessons as Teacher Joanne has been very engaging and encouraging.My girl has shown great improvement for SA2 and best of all, she can write with ease and no longer has a fear for compositions! 👍
Jackee T.
Signed my girl up for creative writing class. I was very impressed by the admin who was very patient with me when I asked questions and changed dates a few times for the trial class, she was understanding and very responsive as well, i will get back a reply on the very same day. I also like that the school does not chase for payment, as long as we pay before the class (mom of many kids tend to forget until that day. Haha)My daughter and her friend enjoyed the 2hours creative writing class very much. They learn new words and I like how the teachers break down each word so it's easier for kids to remember. I read the compo she wrote in TAS, compared to the one she wrote in sch, her compo become "alive" with more descriptive words. Teacher Yvonne is very encouraging, my daughter likes the class, the teacher and said she wants to go back again. :)) As a mom, I'm happy to see my kids enjoy learning. 😊 Parents looking for fun, interactive and encouraging English classes for kids should check TAS out!
Angel G.
My boy has been with TAS for coming 2 years. The materials are great. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Teacher Sok Min for going extra miles to review my boy’s work. Not forgetting Eileen, the receptionist. She is helpful and friendly. We will continue the journey with TAS❤️
Js 1.
Many thanks to T Aaron. My daughter really enjoys her online tuition as the lesson is very interesting and engaging. T Aaron also pointed out the areas of improvement for her writing and gave countless encouragements to her to gain confidence in her English. I feel that the materials given by the tuition centre is concise and comprehensive for her ease of revision.
Ariel C.
My girl has been with TAS since P2, she enjoys her lessons very much as the lessons are very engaging. Teachers are fun and dedicated. Even during the pandemic, we don’t face any problems with learning via zoom as the teachers are creative to make every lesson counts. Their admin is also very responsive and friendly. Many many thanks to teacher Grace and teacher Hui min for the patience with my girl. She is now P4. And will complete her primary journey with TAS ! 👍 love their materials.
shu qing X.
Very helpful lesson handouts and compo techniques. Teacher Sok Min is not only approachable but also very responsible. She makes extra effort to help my child.
Eileen N.
Really appreciate and applaud Teacher Aaron for his dedication and interesting lessons since day 1. My daughter is always looking forward to his online classes every week! Lessons with Teacher Aaron is never a boring one! Always willing to share and gives feedback on how to help my daughter improve on her weaknesses. Thank you so much for being such an awesome teacher!
Caritas V.
Teacher Aaron is a dedicated and passionate teacher. And his lessons are always uplifting and he has a great sense of humour. My son enjoys all his lessons! My son commented that English is his favourite subject now. Towards his last lesson for his P6 students, Teach Aaron specially wrote a card with a gift to encourage them! My son was beaming with joy when he received them, he shared he will do his BEST not to disappoint his fav Teacher! Thank you for all your guidance and teachings, making learning enjoyable and helping my son to produce excellence in the subject!Lucas Ng Mummy
joyce O.
Teacher Aaron is highly engaging, responsible, competent and encouraging. My daughter reads widely and initially I hesitated to send her for enrichment as I thought she did not require it. However, TAS exceeded my expectations and she has truly blossomed under his guidance and instruction. Her compositions have improved tremendously, in originality, depth and structure. Most importantly, she loves going for class and looks forward to it every week.
Joanne F.
Since my boy joined TAS online class early this year, he being enjoying Teacher Aaron’s class every week.Tr Aaron’s lessons have never been dull, but energetic, engaging and enlivening. He applied the right techniques and has stretched my boy’s creativity in his composition. He is very dedicated and will give constructive advice to my boy’s compo and also paper 2.In a nutshell, he is very sharp in pointing out the areas where my boy is weak and provides valuable assistance with recommendation of free resources for my boy to look up for improving his knowledge.Over this period, his encouraging and positive method has boosted my boy’s confidence and improve his grade.Thank you very much, Teacher Aaron!
Priscilla P.
Thankful for Teacher Grace who is such a dedicated and passionate teacher. She is one who follows upwith child and parent too and provides regular updates about your child’s progress. Knowing that my daughter is learning so well in her class gives me great reassurance. Being away from Singapore for almost 10 years, TAS and teacher Grace has helped my daughter learn leaps and bounds and grasping the various components of learning the English language in Singapore. We appreciate all the tips in writing and enjoy hearing my daughter share good phrases that can be used in compositions 😉 Teacher Grace keeps her sessions enjoyable and learning fun. Going to her weekly class is never a chore at all.
Susanti L.
My boy has been with teacher Yvonne for about 6 months, I can see that he has improved and progressed through these few months in terms of grammar and techniques in composition writing. Teacher Yvonne has a lot of patience as she takes the time to review his work and provide weekly feedback. She identifies and provides guidance on areas where improvements could be made.My boy enjoys her lesson very much as she always encourage him to do better each time. I am very happy that I have found the right teacher for my boy 😀👍.
Janice C.
My P3 boy has been attending lesson with Teacher Joanne since P2 and he enjoys her lessons and is more confident in composition writing. Even when classes moved online during the pandemic, Teacher Joanne was able to conduct lessons effectively and helped him to stay focused during lessons. He has benefited a lot from her lessons and scored 29/30 for his school mid year weighted assessment. I’m thankful to Teacher Joanne for her guidance and happy with his progress at TAS.
Feng Yi C.
Both my kids (P6 and P4)have been with TAS since P1. They have benefitted tremendously from Teacher Yvonne, Teacher Chester and Teacher Joanne. Even when the classes switched to online due to the pandemic, the dedicated teachers do their best to stay connected with the kids and are always willing to help. Online classes are just as effective as my kids continue to improve. In fact, they have made great improvement the past 6 months. I am truly grateful to the teachers for all their support and encouragement all these years!
Eberta T.
I would like to thank Teacher Melvyn and the supporting team at TAS. My daughter was taught by Teacher Melvyn for slightly less than a year and in that short period I could see a significant improvement in her composition writing. Being an online class, I could also see how passionate Teacher Melvyn was in teaching his class every week. His lessons were lively and he somehow managed to engage every student - both the more chatty ones and the quieter ones! Each composition handed in is returned with constructive feedback and suggestions on how it can be further improved. TAS also has excellent centre handouts and books. Highly recommended!
L B.
My son was with T.A.S. for about 2 yrs. T.A.S. management is considered professional as compared to other enrichment centres. Teachers are being provided with hp to communicate with parents, on progress of students, which is very convenient.Tr. Yue Ying who was still based in AMK branch in 2021 is very dedicate in her teaching. She is very kind to provide extra lessons and notes for the P6 graduation class near the PSLE papers, she really went the extra mile to help them in whatever ways she could. By the way, she is also the "star" teacher in the centre as her classes are always fully taken up!The materials provided are a lot (as they are being charged separately) and comprehensive. The flashcards provided are useful to booste their bank of vocab but maybe too many as lessons not enough time to go through and kid doesn't flip through on their own.Have just enrolled my younger son in T.A.S. as well for his P5 English next year. Hope it is not too late!
The teachers at Alternative Story are excellent. I have been attending Teacher Melvyn's class for the past 4 years. Teacher Melvyn has been very helpful and patient with me. My English has shown great improvement. I even got AL 2 for English for PSLE 2021! Thank you Teacher Melvyn for your guidance.
Mabel Y.
My kid was taught by Teacher Melvyn, and he thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. Teacher Melvyn had built good rapport with all of his students throughout his lessons, and always made his lessons entertaining by showing informative videos and cracking jokes. My kid has also learnt to appreciate and develop a love for the language, and has improved greatly in the subject. A highly committed teacher with great passion.
My girl joined TAS late in Term 3 and she missed out a lot of the technic that was taught previously. In order to get her get up to speed, Teacher Sok Min has kindly offer to spend additional time with my girl to walk her through the various critical technic. Not only that, Teacher Sok Min is always quick in getting back to us when we asked her questions via the TAS platform. In short, a very dedicated teacher and definitely a pleasure to have her as my girl's teacher!
Chan Pui Shan S.
Teachers are superb! Both my kids attend TAS. The teachers are responsible and their lessons are engaging. I am especially thankful to Tr Phoebe and Tr Hui Min. They are very dedicated and always spend extra time to coach the students before PSLE. Highly recommended!

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