September Holiday Programme 2023

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Prepare for the upcoming examinations - join The Alternative Story’s September Holiday Programme!

Sep Hp 20231

1. P6 Intensive

Sep Hp3

Join us for a FINAL BOOST for PSLE!! This P6 Intensive is designed as a crash course that offers comprehensive revision for both Paper 1 & 2.

Class Size: Up to 20 students per class*
(Depending on location)
Duration: 3 hours (1 day programme)
Cost: $100 before GST

2. P3/4 & P5 Oral Programme

Sep Hp4

Empower your child to be a confident and engaging speaker with our Oral Programme! Developed by one of our teachers, a former voice actor with experience in private projects, our programme enables students to refine their speaking abilities through reading and class discussions.

Our small class sizes ensure that our teachers can provide immediate, on-the-spot feedback. To maximise the benefits of the programme, we highly recommend that students actively participate in class activities and engage in discussions. This allows our teacher to accurately evaluate your child's progress.

If your child has previously attended the oral programme, kindly note that similar foundational techniques will be covered, and materials found in the booklet will be similar to past lessons. However, passages and exercises for the purposes of testing will be different from past materials.

Please note: P3 and P4 students will be attending the class together.

Class Size: Up to 8 students per class
Duration: 3 hours (1 day programme)
Cost: $140 before GST 

3. P3/4 & P5 Compo Booster

Sep Hp5

Does your child find it hard to stretch in their writing? Our Compo Booster programme will help your child to anchor themselves in key writing skills.

Class Size: Up to 12 students per class
Duration: 3 hours (1 day programme)
Cost: $120 before GST 

4. P5 Paper 2 Intensive

Sep Hp2

In this programme, students will learn tips to tackle tricky questions and have the opportunity to apply these techniques in class. Finally, students will be provided in-depth explanations to the given answers.

Class Size: Up to 12 students 
Duration: 3 hours (1 day programme)
Cost: $120 before GST