The Alternative Story Learning Centre
Jubilee Square Open House

Ever wondered what goes on in our lessons?
Or thought of how a creative writing class can help your child develop his/her interest in writing?

 Come join us at our Open House at our latest and largest Jubilee Square (AMK) branch this August!


What's Happening At Our Open House?


(Spaces are limited. Not applicable for existing TAS students.) 

Let your child experience our specially designed 1-hour Trial Lesson on Creative Writing.

Speak with our teachers after the lesson to find out more on our teaching methods and get feedback of your child’s writing.

Class size is specially kept small for this Trial Lesson to facilitate the consultation with the teacher. 


Snippet of this Trial Lesson:

When your child comes across a difficult topic in composition, sometimes they get stuck in creating an interesting yet believable plot or is unable to even think of any ideas. At TAS, we harness the advantage of how this generation of children grow up in the digital age and are visual learners. We show them how to use learning tools like videos as a springboard for idea generation and exposure. This also encourages creativity to write from fresh perspectives. Their ideas are limitless!

Available for P1 – P5 levels
Registration fee: $30 per child
(Fee of $30 will be deducted from term fees if child signs up for our programme on the same day.)


*First 1 hour is for the trial lesson, the next 30 minutes will be consultation time with the teacher.


Exclusive offers

Special Sign Up Discounts
$30 Trial Lesson fee will be deducted for all children attending Creative Writing Trial Lesson
and signing up on the same day!

Book Purchase Discounts

On 9 August, drop by our newly opened Jubilee Square (AMK) branch to purchase our books at a special 10% discount! No minimum purchase required!

(Discount is not applicable for our latest book, Creative Writing Volume 5.)

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Find out more about our lessons & methods

Speak to our teachers to find out more about how we conduct our lessons and our teaching methods. Ask us more about questions for your child to improve and love English!

Our materials team who produces compositions and practices weekly will also be there to answer any queries you have on helping your child excel and achieve their best.

You may drop by anytime during our Open House to speak with us.

Open House Details

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Creative Writing Trial Lesson Registration

To register for the Creative Writing Trial Lesson, simply click on the button below and fill in a simple form!

To find out more, you may contact our AMK Hub branch at 6631 8496 or drop us an email at

Terms & Conditions

1.         Existing TAS students are not eligible for the Creative Writing Trial Lesson
and any sign-up discounts
if they have already enrolled.

2.         Sign up discount is only valid for new students who register for our programme
on the spot at the open house.

3.         There is a minimum commitment of one term for every new sign-up.

4.         Sign-ups are based on first-come, first-served basis. Reservation of class vacancy
is not allowed if class is almost filled.

5.         If there is no available slot for sign ups, crediting of discount is not allowed.