Mrs Denise Wang, Mother of Jerome Wang (Primary 6, St. Joseph's Institution Junior)

My friend highly recommended TAS and she mentioned that her son enjoys the lessons and his results are good.

My son enjoyed the entire class dynamics and he would look forward every week to lessons. TAS brings the English language across to children in a way that engages them and motivating them to want to learn more. His teacher made the lessons very engaging and very interesting. He always said that he never felt time go by so fast in any class before.

Every lesson left him wanting to learn more and thus looking forward to each week. From the very first day he joined, his teacher had already captured his interest in learning the language and that to me is very important. Once the child is engaged and motivated to learn something, the rest is very easy.

His teacher is very patient, dedicated and truly passionate about teaching children, and that is why he has done so well in his English language. Jerome's understanding of the English language has grown in depth tremendously. Through TAS compositions, he has learned the art of writing meaningful and engaging stories for someone his tender age.

He started off with an A in writing to now an A* in his compositions. He was even chosen by his school to represent the school in the Young Writers Press competition this year and had his story published in their book. His main paper has also improved tremendously with a good sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.