Wendy Lee, Mother of Sheralyn Yew (Primary 2) and Alicia Yew (K2) Qifa Primary School / Safari House @ IBP

Sheralyn first joined TAS in 2017. In the beginning, she was quite reluctant to go for classes. However, after 1 – 2 months of attending, she grew more confident in her work and began enjoying the lessons. Because I saw great improvement in Sheralyn, I decided to enroll my youngest, Alicia in TAS for a K2 class.

My children loved the teachers and the class’ environment. It is always engaging and lively. Their teachers’ teaching and encouragement allowed the girls to gain confidence through the methods used in TAS despite their struggles in the beginning. They could understand techniques and apply them in their work.

Now, Sheralyn is also able to apply what she has learnt in TAS in her school work independently. Her compositions are more interesting and she has more ideas in writing too.