Felicia Peh, Mother of Deborah Lee (Innova Primary School) Rachel Lee and Eunice Lee (Nan Chiau Primary School)

I first knew about TAS when I went to a local bookstore, looking for English assessment books to help my daughter Rachel improve in her writing. What caught my attention was how their Primary 2 students could write so well! At the point of time, I was also looking for an English tuition centre for my first daughter, Deborah. She was in Primary 6 then and needed the extra push to equip her in her Paper 2 and Paper 1 components. So, I decided to enroll my daughter in TAS.

To my surprise, I saw great improvement in Deborah’s work over a short span of 2 – 3 months! She used to score low Bs and Cs, but she began scoring high Bs after attending TAS! My daughter began improving in her writing and did well in her Comprehension. She also could score full marks for her Grammar and Synthesis! So when my other two daughters were in Primary 5 and 6, I decided to enroll them in TAS too.

It was also their teachers’ dedication that helped my girls to improve. Their teacher would always go the extra mile by giving them half an hour to an hour of extra lessons prior to their weekly lesson time. These extra lessons helped them in areas they were weak in. Introducing friendly competition and rewards also encouraged my girls to strive to do better.

 I am happy to say that through TAS, my eldest daughter eventually scored an A* for her PSLE. My two younger daughters, Rachel and Eunice, who used to score between Cs and Ds also scored an A for their PSLE. Thank you TAS for helping my girls love the language and learn skills that will help them in their next level of education!