Gloria Tan, Mother of Ashley Tan Yi Qi (Primary 6, Gong Shan Primary School)

I came to know about TAS when Ashley was P4. I was searching online and found out about TAS’ Holiday Programmes and decided to give it a try.

Ashley enjoyed her time during the Holiday Programme with her teacher, and hence I decided to sign up for the regular classes in Parkway Centre with the same teacher. She found lessons fun and enjoyable, but at the same her teacher managed to be firm with the students.

While reading plays an important role when it comes to improving in language, I know my daughter was not really a reader. But after joining TAS - through the methods and materials that were used by her teacher - her language skills improved tremendously.

Eventually, Ashley’s grades and progress came to a point where I feel that she did not need any more tuition in P5. However, when I saw that she really enjoys the lesson and had never once dragged her feet to class, I decided to let her continue the class.

Ashley herself also described TAS as instrumental to her improvement. We are very thankful to TAS and her teacher for helping her in her English language.