Mrs Phee, Mother of Wayne Phee (Primary 6, St. Hilda's Primary School)

Usually children don’t like tuition, but my son, Wayne, was the one who asked me to sign him up with TAS. He saw one of his schoolmates’ notes from TAS and thought it would be helpful. So in the middle of P6, he told me to sign him up after seeing his own SA1 results.

He loved the class very much. Wayne is someone who needs encouragement, so the teacher plays a very important role. His teacher in TAS gave the class and him constant affirmation and even rewards like drinks and ice-cream when they did well. His teacher even went the extra mile when PSLE was nearing by having extra lessons with the class.

With this, he significantly felt the difference in generating ideas for his compositions. Previously, he had limited ideas and his compositions would be short. But now he is able to come up with better ideas and longer story.

Because of all these factors, he was able to improve in his compositions, scoring from 28-30 to 35 during Prelims and that was the first time he has ever gotten past 30 since he was in P5.

He did so well in his PSLE that he scored A* for all his subjects and got into the school of his choice, Raffles Institution.

Thank you TAS for helping Wayne. We are so happy!