Valerie Toh, Mother of Rex Chng (Primary 6, Chongfu School)

I first joined TAS as there were many positive comments by parents that I have read in KSP forum of children who have made great improvements in their creative writing.

My son’s teacher is a very dedicated and caring tutor who is excellent in her delivery. Her lessons are very lively and often stretches a 2-hour lesson to 2.5 hours or longer. You would think the children are very tired after each lesson but they are often more energised and motivated than before. His teacher also helped Rex marked and guided him on some extra comprehension questions that he had done on his own. For this, we are thankful for the extra effort beyond the call of duty.

Rex also enjoys the lively lessons as games related to the subject were incorporated and he enjoyed the friendly competition with his peers in the class.

Before he started tuition at TAS, his English creative writing marks averages at 26/40 and his overall English score is 78/100. After attending TAS, he has gradually improved to 32/40 for creative writing and an overall score of 85/100.