Kerensa Chong, Mother of Reyes Ho (Primary 6, St. Andrew's Junior School)

I would like to say a big “ THANK YOU” to Reyes' teacher for her unwavering support to my son and the rest of the class throughout the years he was with TAS.

Throughout these years, although his class ended at 9.30pm every Friday, he was always dismissed at 10pm or so and even later during the period leading towards PSLE.

We are very grateful for her dedication and Reyes is indeed very fortunate to be able to meet such a teacher like her.

Under her guidance, he has shown marked improvements in many areas of his English Language, especially so in his Creative Writing.

Reyes performed very well for his PSLE, exceeding his and our expectations. While we rejoiced his achievements, we also like to take this opportunity to commend his teacher for all her great efforts, dedication and guidance.

I would like to thank her again for playing such a significant role in his education journey.