Tricky Vocabulary Questions: Part #1

“Yay, spelling!”

Said no one ever.

Spelling is crucial to our written work. However, it seems impossible to peg a formula to it and replicate any success unless we  - *shudders* - mEmOrIsE.

Long story short, English was derived from different languages and therefore, the rules don’t always apply.

So what we can we do about it?

One of the keys to making spelling easy is this: Break the words up!

Words that are commonly misspelt usually have either double vowels (e.g. receive) or double consonants (e.g. disappointed)

The trick is to dissect them at the junction where you know it is confusing.

e.g. Here are some variations of the misspelt “disappointed”:

- dissapointed

- dissappointed

- disappointted


Instead of answering the age-old questions:

“How many ‘P’s?”

“How many ‘S’s?”,

we break up the word like this:


Because at the end of the day, spelling is like that tag on your shirt you have not removed – small but significant enough to make an impact on you.


Watch this space for more English exam tips and hacks on Grammar, Synthesis, Creative Writing and many more!