Mrs Phee, Mother of Wayne Phee (Primary 6, St. Hilda's Primary School)

Usually children don’t like tuition, but my son, Wayne, was the one who asked me to sign him up with TAS. He saw one of his schoolmates’ notes from TAS and thought it would be helpful. So in the middle of P6, he told me to sign him up after seeing his own SA1 results.

He loved the class very much. Wayne is someone who needs encouragement, so the teacher plays a very important role. His teacher in TAS gave the class and him constant affirmation and even rewards like drinks and ice-cream when they did well. His teacher even went the extra mile when PSLE was nearing by having extra lessons with the class.

With this, he significantly felt the difference in generating ideas for his compositions. Previously, he had limited ideas and his compositions would be short. But now he is able to come up with better ideas and longer story.

Because of all these factors, he was able to improve in his compositions, scoring from 28-30 to 35 during Prelims and that was the first time he has ever gotten past 30 since he was in P5.

He did so well in his PSLE that he scored A* for all his subjects and got into the school of his choice, Raffles Institution.

Thank you TAS for helping Wayne. We are so happy!

Gloria Tan, Mother of Ashley Tan Yi Qi (Primary 6, Gong Shan Primary School)

I came to know about TAS when Ashley was P4. I was searching online and found out about TAS’ Holiday Programmes and decided to give it a try.

Ashley enjoyed her time during the Holiday Programme with her teacher, and hence I decided to sign up for the regular classes in Parkway Centre with the same teacher. She found lessons fun and enjoyable, but at the same time her teacher managed to be firm with the students.

While reading plays an important role when it comes to improving in language, I know my daughter was not really a reader. But after joining TAS - through the methods and materials that were used by her teacher - her language skills improved tremendously.

Eventually Ashley’s grades and progress came to a point where I feel that she did not need any more tuition in P5. However, when I saw that she really enjoys the lesson and had never once dragged her feet to class, I decided to let her continue the class.

Ashley herself also described TAS as instrumental to her improvement. We are very thankful to TAS and her teacher for helping her in her English language.

Dolly Lee, Mother of Hannah Lee (Primary 6)

I first knew about TAS through their books and decided to try out their classes and sign Hannah up in P5. Throughout her journey in TAS, she enjoyed the lessons and her teacher helped her to pick up and learn all the grammatical concepts with ease. The materials given by the centre also benefitted her.

Now that she has graduated from TAS, she misses class from time to time and wishes that she is still able to attend lessons. TAS has definitely helped her to love the English language.

Mrs Chan, Mother of Ryan Chan (Primary 6, Maris Stella High School)

Ryan joined TAS after my friend’s recommendation. He finds TAS more interesting with paper 2 components.

He loves his class and the materials also helped him. With that, he was motivated and encouraged to learn. Ever since he had joined TAS, his results improved, from B to a high A.

Reading has also become a habit for him and I can really see him enjoying the English language more than before.

Thank you TAS and hopefully, you might consider starting Secondary School level so Ryan can continue in TAS.

Felicia Peh, Mother of Deborah Lee (Innova Primary School) Rachel Lee and Eunice Lee (Nan Chiau Primary School)

I first knew about TAS when I went to a local bookstore, looking for English assessment books to help my daughter Rachel improve in her writing. What caught my attention was how their Primary 2 students could write so well! At the point of time, I was also looking for an English tuition centre for my first daughter, Deborah. She was in Primary 6 then and needed the extra push to equip her in her Paper 2 and Paper 1 components. So, I decided to enroll my daughter in TAS.

To my surprise, I saw great improvement in Deborah’s work over a short span of 2 – 3 months! She used to score low Bs and Cs, but she began scoring high Bs after attending TAS! My daughter began improving in her writing and did well in her Comprehension. She also could score full marks for her Grammar and Synthesis! So when my other two daughters were in Primary 5 and 6, I decided to enroll them in TAS too.

It was also their teachers’ dedication that helped my girls to improve. Their teacher would always go the extra mile by giving them half an hour to an hour of extra lessons prior to their weekly lesson time. These extra lessons helped them in areas they were weak in. Introducing friendly competition and rewards also encouraged my girls to strive to do better.

 I am happy to say that through TAS, my eldest daughter eventually scored an A* for her PSLE. My two younger daughters, Rachel and Eunice, who used to score between Cs and Ds also scored an A for their PSLE. Thank you TAS for helping my girls love the language and learn skills that will help them in their next level of education!

Wendy Lee, Mother of Sheralyn Yew (Primary 2) and Alicia Yew (K2) Qifa Primary School / Safari House @ IBP

Sheralyn first joined TAS in 2017. In the beginning, she was quite reluctant to go for classes. However, after 1 – 2 months of attending, she grew more confident in her work and began enjoying the lessons. Because I saw great improvement in Sheralyn, I decided to enroll my youngest, Alicia in TAS for a K2 class.

My children loved the teachers and the class’ environment. It is always engaging and lively. Their teachers’ teaching and encouragement allowed the girls to gain confidence through the methods used in TAS despite their struggles in the beginning. They could understand techniques and apply them in their work.

Now, Sheralyn is also able to apply what she has learnt in TAS in her school work independently. Her compositions are more interesting and she has more ideas in writing too. 

Karen Yow, Mother of Samuel Sankar (Primary 6, St. Joseph's Institution Junior)

I wanted to try out TAS for a few months first to see how it was. After 6 months, I asked Samuel how it was. He gave good feedback about the teachers and class in TAS. The notes given by TAS are also very helpful and helped Samuel to understand and absorb better! He enjoyed it so much that he was reluctant to try other tuition centres after that.

Usually his English would be below 85. This time round for PSLE, he achieved an A*!

Mrs Yeo, Mother of Caleb and Casey Yeo (Primary 6, Nan Chiau Primary School)

My children enjoyed going for class and are motivated to go for them! It made the learning very fun and it helped my children absorb more in the classes.

The materials covered quite a fair bit with different components which helped my children to tackle the techniques.

They have had 3 teachers so far and loved how the way the lessons are conducted. The teachers made learning very fun with quizzes, competition among different teams, and point systems.

I could see improvement in their work and for PSLE, their results are above my expectation. They did really well!

Mrs Ong , Mother of Nathan Ong (Primary 6, Nanyang Primary School)

I knew about TAS from their postings in Kiasu Parents Forum, and signed up after validating that my then K2 child benefited after a trial session. It has been almost 6 years since my child joined TAS.

I like that TAS covers almost all the entire English department – vocabulary, grammar, synthesis, comprehension and composition and try to do it in as great a detail as 2 hourly sessions can afford. It speaks volumes that in all these 6 years, it’s extremely rare for my child to finish on time. Oftentimes, we have to wait at least 15-30 minutes before class is dismissed. Kudos to the hardworking teachers who always gives extra time for each and every session – even where this cuts into their meal times.

TAS teachers make the lessons fun. I remember especially the ‘war games’ that was played and appreciated how the teacher modified and intervened whenever any child started becoming more ‘powerful’ with his arsenal. Besides English lessons, I hoped my child learnt life lessons in not oppressing the weaker ones. Lessons are never boring. During TAS, my child participates actively – a change from his usual quiet self.

I appreciate that TAS is willing to receive and work on feedback, and that they constantly innovate their teaching. When my child first started, the modus operandi was for children to memorise compositions by the paragraphs so they can reproduce these good phrases in the compos. After providing feedback to the teacher that this was causing him some distress, I noted that the dictation was cut down. Also, TAS started to change their direction such that children do not simply paste the same good phrases into their compos and gave the children tools with which to write their own. Instead of being left alone to come up with a creative compo, or ‘copy from the board’, my child now has an arsenal of phrases in which he can use comfortably as the scenario requires.  

Most importantly, TAS has given my child a solid grounding in grammar and synthesis. He rarely loses marks in these sections and I attribute it to the firm foundations the teachers have built over the years. In addition, my child has always done well in compositions. Given any scenario, he is able to draw from the wealth of past compos TAS has shown to him, and on the good phrases to build a story that is his. Despite TAS not focusing on GEP syllabus, my child has done very well and is consistently amongst the top pupils for English in his GEP class.

Thank you for all these years and I hope that TAS grows from strength to strength nurturing and enabling children to do well in English.

Mrs Denise Wang, Mother of Jerome Wang (Primary 6, St. Joseph's Institution Junior)

My friend highly recommended TAS and she mentioned that her son enjoys the lessons and his results are good.

My son enjoyed the entire class dynamics and he would look forward every week to lessons. TAS brings the English language across to children in a way that engages them and motivating them to want to learn more. His teacher made the lessons very engaging and very interesting. He always said that he never felt time go by so fast in any class before.

Every lesson left him wanting to learn more and thus looking forward to each week. From the very first day he joined, his teacher had already captured his interest in learning the language and that to me is very important. Once the child is engaged and motivated to learn something, the rest is very easy.

His teacher is very patient, dedicated and truly passionate about teaching children, and that is why he has done so well in his English language. Jerome's understanding of the English language has grown in depth tremendously. Through TAS compositions, he has learned the art of writing meaningful and engaging stories for someone his tender age.

He started off with an A in writing to now an A* in his compositions. He was even chosen by his school to represent the school in the Young Writers Press competition this year and had his story published in their book. His main paper has also improved tremendously with a good sound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Kerensa Chong, Mother of Reyes Ho (Primary 6, St. Andrew's Junior School)

I would like to say a big “ THANK YOU” to Reyes' teacher for her unwavering support to my son and the rest of the class throughout the years he was with TAS.

Throughout these years, although his class ended at 9.30pm every Friday, he was always dismissed at 10pm or so and even later during the period leading towards PSLE.

We are very grateful for her dedication and Reyes is indeed very fortunate to be able to meet such a teacher like her.

Under her guidance, he has shown marked improvements in many areas of his English Language, especially so in his Creative Writing.

Reyes performed very well for his PSLE, exceeding his and our expectations. While we rejoiced his achievements, we also like to take this opportunity to commend his teacher for all her great efforts, dedication and guidance.

I would like to thank her again for playing such a significant role in his education journey.


Valerie Toh, Mother of Rex Chng (Primary 6, Chongfu School)

I first joined TAS as there were many positive comments by parents that I have read in KSP forum of children who have made great improvements in their creative writing.

My son’s teacher is a very dedicated and caring tutor who is excellent in her delivery. Her lessons are very lively and often stretches a 2-hour lesson to 2.5 hours or longer. You would think the children are very tired after each lesson but they are often more energised and motivated than before. His teacher also helped Rex marked and guided him on some extra comprehension questions that he had done on his own. For this, we are thankful for the extra effort beyond the call of duty.

Rex also enjoys the lively lessons as games related to the subject were incorporated and he enjoyed the friendly competition with his peers in the class.

Before he started tuition at TAS, his English creative writing marks averages at 26/40 and his overall English score is 78/100. After attending TAS, he has gradually improved to 32/40 for creative writing and an overall score of 85/100.

Mrs Lee, Mother of Siobhan Lee (Primary 2, Nan Hua Primary School)

I knew about TAS through my friends when they just started. I chose TAS as it was willing to give my boy the benefit of trying a higher level (than his school level) to nurture his passion in writing. The teacher had been amazing with him through his formative years. The encouragement from her and the teachers has been effective in spurring his passion despite his spelling errors.

I have now sent my girl Siobhan Lee to TAS and I am glad that the teacher at Clementi is very patient and nurturing. I am also pleased that it still allows children to borrow storybooks and I think that is a very good practice to truly encourage children to read. My girl, like her brother, loves the reward system and the friendly games. Thank you.

Charles Chu, Father of Chu Jia Yi (Primary 4) & Chu Jin Yu (Primary 2) Red Swastika School

We discovered the curriculum is structured and relevant to kids' school work. Our girl enjoyed the classes and our boy made great improvement in his work. Introducing games in the lessons make learning more interesting and enjoyable. I believe their improvement is due to the responsible teachers who understand every kid is different and work on each differently.

They have gained more confidence on composition writing, grammar and comprehension segments. They have also achieved higher scores in their school work.

Jenny Tan, Mother of Chervonne Law (Primary 6, CHIJ St Nicholas Primary School)

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the progress you had made with Chervonne over the period of a year. Her English grade jumped from B (P6 Prelims) to A* in PSLE which really impressed us. This achievement has increased her confidence and interest in doing well in English.

Finally, we appreciate the extra effort you put in each time before the examination with all the consolidated practice papers to prepare her for the examination and provide clear explanations for any doubts she has. This also gives us confidence to put my younger boy with you.

Daniel Soh, Father of Soh Zhi Hong (Primary 6, Nan Chiau Primary School)

Zhi Hong always look forward to attending TAS class. TAS teachers are very dedicated, approachable and responsible. He shows great interest in reading the recommended story books & enjoyed the way the lessons being conducted.

With the help of teachers, course materials and preparation, he managed to score A* for English in PSLE from a borderline A grade in school.

Abby Yeong, Mother of Edison Lee (Primary 6, Xin Min Primary School)

The techniques and methods that TAS uses really helped my child, Edison to remember things well and I really find it very effective. TAS customised their lessons by helping him to follow the materials even though he is slower.

The teacher got him to come earlier or stay later to help him catch up. Within 1.5 years, Edison improved from a C to A for PSLE!

Lynn Foo, Mother of Jerald Yeo (Primary 4, Maha Bodhi School)

My child first attended the Holiday Programme and enjoyed the class so much that he requested us to sign him up for the regular class. Classes are conducted in a fun and interactive way and I find the teacher is able to engage well with the students.

Because of the interesting lessons, my son enjoys going for lessons every week. Through the lessons, I noticed a great improvement in his writing skills. In addition to his list of vocabulary improving, his writing style showed that he is more creative and he is able to plan and formulate the plot in a clear and logical manner.